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Guildian Guildos (ギルド星人ギルドス Girudo Seijin Girudosu): A robot secretly built by Bias to spur his scientists to break their limitations, believing himself to be an alien intelligence from the planet Guildo.

Guildos initially comes to Earth during a battle the Liveman was having with Doctor Obular, using the opportunity to assist and restore Obular to his "monster form" with his powers. Bias immediately accepts and welcomes him to Earth and to Volt, believing that his alien powers and mind was enough to assist their cause and stop the Liveman. Guildos gained acceptance by experimenting on the failing Obular, prior to the Liveman defeating him and restoring him to his original form of their friend Gou Omura.Ep. 19: Geek-Boy Obular-Ep. 21: Listen, Gou!! Mother's Voice…

As Volt continued forwards, Guildos became pared with fellow "alien" Chibuchian Butchy, the two commonly working together on schemes for defeating the heroes, many of which were more unconventional than those of their humanoid counterparts. Guildos grew more prideful of his genius and worried seeing how the humans were able to keep up with him despite his own mind and powers.

In a final effort to try and prove himself to Volt, he decides to create Guild Zuno out of his own genetics; believing that a Brain Beast made of the power and mind of Guildo would prove once and for all his genius. Guildos had his Brain Beast fight Jun'ichi Aikawa over and over, with him resurrecting the monster over and over after every attack. However Jun'ichi merely kept fighting it as an inspirational message for a kid he was helping learn to walk again. After the child gained his message, the Liveman destroys the Brain Beast with the Biomotion Buster. Yet in the panic of trying to resurrect Guild Zuno thinking it could still fight if he resurrected it again, Guildos begins to malfunction and explode, his body revealing that he was never an alien but in truth a robot built by Bias for his true plans. As Guildos wanders to his final death, he continues to question who he really was all along, unbelieving to the end in the real truth.Ep. 43: A Mystery!? Guildos' Final Form

Turboranger clipshow

Guildian Guildos appears in the clips from Choujuu Sentai Liveman seen in the first episode of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.



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