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Grunchor on the Loose is the thirty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, continuing the Lost Galaxy arc. This episode concludes the conflict with the monster Grunchor, and sees Deviot joining forces with Captain Mutiny, the self-proclaimed ruler of the Lost Galaxy.


Stanton sends search teams to try to find the Grunchor monster that he accidentally has set loose. The Rangers discover that Deviot has joined forces with Mutiny. The Rangers summon the Defender Torozord, and the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords to fight Grunchor and Mutiny.


Due to Capt. Mutiny's duplicity, those aboard Terra Venture struggle to cope with Grunchor, a giant, burrowing, boulder-eating, alien beast loosed upon the space station that proves to be the toughest monster the Rangers and Magna Defender Mike have ever faced.




  • While the Rangers are shocked to see Deviot on Terra Venture aiding with Grunchor, they don't seem shocked that he's alive despite having apparently destroyed him in "Enter the Lost Galaxy".
  • It's stated that Leo is using all of his energy at one point and is shown to be in pain but at that moment he'd been using the Condor Galactazord's Missile Launch attack, not his fire power, so it shouldn't have affected him.
  • When Leo destroys Grunchor, he calls out Galaxy Fire Power when in previous episodes where he's used the power with the Lion Galactazord he calls out Galactic Fire Power.
  • When Grunchor is being destroyed, the Rangers tell Leo to "keep going" with his power. However, by that point he'd stopped emitting his flames as seen with the fact that the three Megazords are standing next to each other watching Grunchor burn up with no further fire being emitted by the Galaxy Megazord.


  • When Grunchor moves about under the streets, it's similar to the movements of the Graboids in the Tremors franchise.
  • The Defender Torozord is now armed with the Defender Axe rather than its lance as in its previous appearances. This continues to be its main weapon following this episode.
  • The Galaxy Megazord uses the Condor Galactazord's Missile Launch attack for the first and only time while powered by the Lights of Orion.
  • This marks the final time that the Galaxy Megazord uses the Condor Galactazord as a Missile Mode.
  • Deviot joins Mutiny's crew in this episode.

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