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Grumble the Elf, is the titular main character and protagonist in the story Grumble the Magic Elf.

Character History

Grumble the Elf was delivering toys to the orphaned children when he meets up with the trapped Tommy Oliver, Rocky DeSantos and Kimberly Ann Hart. Taking advantage of his mistrust for the Rangers, Rita had her old friend and Grumble's main antagonist, Mondo the Magician, make him grumpy that allowed her and Lord Zedd to send Goldar and Zedd's Z-Putties to destroy the toys.

After this he became more mistrusting as Tommy Rocky and Kimberly tried to find their way out of the story and get trapped in a cave from an avalanche caused by the Snow Monster. Grumble soon came to their aid as Tommy suggested they go to Mondo for help. Although Mondo refuses to help them, it's Aisha, Billy and Adam who saves the day by retrieving the book to the command center. After Aisha uses colored pencils to draw new toys for Grumble to deliver to the orphan children in his story. This helps the other rangers and Grumble to deliver the toys in time so they can finally be free.

He is last seen when Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch having given up their monster making ways and greeting the boys after being given the book to read. Horrified, Bulk and Skull decide they are going to try another sane activity.



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