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"Now, now, that's not very neighborly of you"
―The Grumble Bee's first words when confronted by Billy and Trini after the latter told him to buzz off.[src]

"You've tasted my stingers, now taste my poison venom!"
―The Grumble Bee before spitting his venom at Billy[src]

"Aaagh! Stop it! Stop it!"
―The Grumble Bee when the Anti-Sonic Foam Gun disabled his wings.[src]

"Huh huh huh huh huh!"
―The Grumble Bee upon being grown.[src]

"Your sword won't save you! Ha ha! I bet that thing isn't even real!"
―The Grumble Bee reacting to the Megazord with its Power Sword and his final words before his destruction.[src]

"You remember me, don’t you?"
―The Grumble Bee’s first words upon being recreated when confronting the Power Rangers in the Specter Theatre.[src]

"Wow! Wow! Wow!"
―The Grumble Bee’s final words before his death.[src]

Grumble Bee was a bee monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode of the same name.


Grumble Bee is created by Finster from the same clay used for creating the Super Putty Patrollers after Billy gets his first "B" and freaks out. Whilst the monster is being made, Goldar and the Putty Patrollers restrain Jason, Kimberly, and Zack in an energy rope. Shortly after he leaves, Rita sends Grumble Bee to Earth to battle and destroy the two remaining Power Rangers. The monster attacks Angel Grove Park and, with their allies beyond rescue for the time being, Billy and Trini are forced to fight the monster alone. They exchange some bad smack talk and prepare to fight but the monster forces them apart with his stingers and then takes down Billy. Trini then strikes back by bouncing off of a tree and jump kicking him down before trying to take him down by boosting up Billy for a jump kick but he fails miserably. Grumble Bee then hits them with his sonic blasts, torturing them and forcing the two to retreat. He soon attacks Angel Grove Park again and they once again have to face him alone, this time managing to hit him in a combined double punch attack. However, Grumble Bee still proves to be too much for them and fires his venom onto Billy, causing him horrible pain until the others rescue him.

Luckily, Alpha frees the other Rangers with an energy beam and sends them into battle with the others, Jason and Zack managing to punch back the monster who promptly summons Putties. Even once they are disposed of, he blasts four Rangers (bar Billy whose venom forced him to stay back for a time) with his sonic blasts which cripples them. Luckily, Billy remains unfazed by the hits and Alpha sends him the newly created Anti-Sonic Foam Gun to sabotage Grumble Bee. They then confront Grumble Bee again and he overwhelms them despite superior numbers only for Billy to use the Anti-Sonic Foam Gun and stop the monster's vibrations by sticking his wings together with foam. With the monster now defenceless and distracted, Jason takes him down with his Power Sword.

However, Grumble Bee manages to survive it so Rita enlarges him which forces the Rangers to summon the Megazord. They initially try out Tank Mode but Grumble Bee blasts it to great effect with his stingers, forcing them to activate Battle Mode. Even though they initially have the upper hand in a fist fight, the monster uses his stingers to overwhelm it before jump kicking it back and, since the growth allows the use of his wings disabled the Megazord. Zack advises backing down due to the assault but Billy is resolute and tells them they cannnot afford to and Jason agreed. They then summon the Power Sword to even the odds which fail;s to impress the monster even as it advances on him and he calls their bluff. However, they prove him wrong when they slash him multiple times before cutting him down with a swing from over its head and and destroying him with an energy slash. The monster's destruction also indirectly restores Billy's self-confidence and allows him to pass the upcoming test the following day. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Grumble Bee

Around a year later, Trumpet Top summons an illusonary image of Grumble Bee to wear down the Power Rangers until Lord Zedd can destroy the severely weakened team. Grumble Bee is the first illusionary monster to be created, prompting the Rangers to morph to the beach. Grumble Bee taunts them about his past defeat and takes on the five with Jason and Trini failing to hit him. Trumpet Top somehow sees this and creates illusions of Saliguana and Fighting Flea. Grumble Bee takes on Zack and they jump onto a lifeguard tower just to get punched back and then kicked straight over the railings to the sand below. Due to not really being there however, Grumble Bee alongside the Saliguana, Fighting Flea, Soccadillo, Rhinoblaster, Mantis, Stag Beetle and Slippery Shark manage to "beat them" until they are worn out completely. However, Zordon sees through the plan, making the illusionary monsters cease to exist. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

After Rita returns from her exile and brainwashes Lord Zedd with a love potion during his annual centenary sleep, Finster brainwashes Alpha 5 who tricks the Power Rangers into entering the Specter Theatre. They are then confronted by an army of monsters including the Grumble Bee and he corners them with the Saliguana, the Eye Guy, the Peckster and the Dramole after the Soccadillo and the Saliguana scare them enough to make them jump to the ground floor. Soon surrounded, our heroes realize that the Theater (which is a nexus of some sort) prevents them from summoning their Power Weapons. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part I

The Grumble Bee stands around taunting the Power Rangers in a mocking chant with his fellow monsters before they decide to go on the unarmed offensive. After the Saliguana slaps down Adam, the Grumble Bee attacks him and Rocky so Adam rolls to the side as the Grumble Bee jump kicks and Rocky rolls under a swing though the monster blocks a swing kick and grabs his arm. However, Rocky then boots him away just to have it grabbed again and get punched in the side, booted in the stomach and punched down. The monsters regroup and the Soccadillo suggests attacking them absolutely and annihilating them but the Grumble Bee reminds them that Rita wants the Rangers as Rita wedding presents to Lord Zedd. With the monsters distracted by their argument, the hopelessly outnumbered and underpowered Rangers go into hiding within the Specter Theater so the monsters follow to relocate them.  Despite the monster army’s best efforts, the Power Rangers manage to escape the Specter Theater but the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster are soon able to defeat them and return the six to the Theater. The Grumble Bee then attends Rita and Zedd’s wedding whilst the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster stand guard over the Rangers, Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part II

After the ceremony, the Grumble Bee tries to toast with the Invenusable Flytrap but they end up smashing their own glasses. The Grumble Bee later sees Rita and Zedd leave on their honeymoon in Serpentera to destroy the Earth Shortly thereafter however, Goldar discovers that the Power Rangers have outsmarted the immensely dense Peckster and the Rhinoblaster and have escaped. Goldar reports this to his master who orders him to send the entire monster army to Earth to cut them off. Goldar sends the entire monster army along with Putties to Earth but they end up failing horrendously anyway. As such, Lord Zedd throws his Growth Bombs to enlarge the monster army in order to force the Rangers into a Zord fight where the monster army can annihilate them. After the Rangers free Alpha from his brainwashing and reestablish contact with Zordon, they go and summon the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. The Grumble Bee is the first to fight; immediately getting punched down and blasts the Thunder Megazord with his stingers but the Thunder Megazord pulls out the Thunder Saber and advances. The monster claims that he is unafraid as it approaches but is then immediately stabbed down. The Grumble Bee is thus put out of the fight and becomes the sixth and final monster to die; being knocked into spinning backwards by the White Tiger Thunderbolt where he explodes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part III


Grumble Bee was a noisy, nasty and pompous monster that considered himself the best and thought he could take down the Power Rangers but he was also faithful to Rita and Zedd. He speaks almost exclusively in bee based puns.

Powers and Abilities


  • Stinger Projectiles: Grumble Bee could fire has needle like stingers which he can fire forth as razor sharp projectiles. These forced Billy and Trini apart with one hit as well as knocking back the Megazord back with two volleys.
  • Super Jumps: Grumble Bee could jump higher than the Megazord to perform a powerful jump kick strong enough to knock it back.
  • Venom Spray: Grumble Bee could shoot greenish-yellow silly string like venom from his mouth which could eat through even Billy's Ranger suit.
  • Putty Summoning: Grumble Bee was able to summon Putty Patrollers to aid him in battle.
  • Sonic Wing Blasts: Grumble Bee's signature attack where he vibrates his wings send out yellow pulses of energy through the air that would hurt the ears of anyone who heard the ultra-sonic sound.


  • Strength: Grumble Bee took down Billy and Trini with single smacks and knocked back the Megazord with a single jump kick.
  • Durability: Grumble Bee shrugged off a kick to the face from Billy and jump kicks to his shoulders from Zack and Jason without getting a scratch.
  • Agility: Grumble Bee could roll to his feet after being both punched down by Billy and Trini, jump kicked down by Jason and Zack, and after being cut down by both Jason and the Megazord's Power Swords.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Grumble Bee easily matched and defeated Rocky in hand-to-hand combat.


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  • Fists: Grumble Bee had no weapons but his strength made his fists very dangerous.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Grumble Bee's name is a portmanteau of "Grumble" and "Bumble Bee".


  • Grumble Bee came from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • A recoloring of the Grumble Bee costume was reused for Waspicable in Power Rangers in Space.
  • Back in early 2003, shortly after the series changed hands from Saban Entertainment to Disney, some of the monster costumes, including Grumble Bee/Waspicable were auctioned off by ABC Auctions. It sold for $440.