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Shigoki Bōma (シゴキボーマ Shigoki Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Wandering Boma Yamimaru.

Character History

Grueling Boma is specifically used by Yamimaru as a two-fold plot using Zulten, both to draw out his fart gas to use as a sleeping hypnosis against humanity, as well as revenge on the Boma general for his harsh treatment against the Wandering Boma 20,000 years in the past leading to Yamimaru's further resentment against both Boma and humans. The Boma Beast continuously whips and rides Zulten in order to release the gas for the scheme, with Riki making an alignment with Zulten in order to force him to stop this treatment. Ultimately, Zulten provides an antidote to his gas through what appeared to be an attack against the Turboranger; with it nullified, the team uses a Combination Attack/GT Crash combo to weaken Grueling Boma before finishing him off with the V-Turbo Bazooka; then with Turbo Robo after Yamimaru grows him.



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This Boma possesses many harsh weapons such as whips to force another under his will; he was specifically chosen by Yamimaru in order to draw out Zulten's fart gas for his schemes and revenge.

Behind the Scenes


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