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Power Rangers Season 2 - Make My Monster Grow Compilation

Enlargement Grenades (dubbed Growth Bombs by Lord Zedd) are metallic sphere-like grenades summoned by Lord Zedd to enlarge his monsters to escalate their fight against the Power Rangers. Whenever Zedd summons one, it materializes in his left hand, then he throws it to Earth, where his monster catches it. By pulling the pin and then throwing or placing it on the ground, it creates an explosion that would cause the monster to grow giant. Other times, the grenade will detonate upon touching the ground. One bomb was once used to grow both Goldar and Scorpina. Zedd once summoned two bombs for Rhinoblaster and Peckster to keep the Rangers from escaping the abandoned Specter Theater.

They were used one final time in the third and final part of the episode "A Friend in Need to grow the Repellator. When Rito Revolto arrived, Zedd stopped using his Growth Bombs and instead crossed his Staff with Rita Repulsa's Wand, which produced lightning to enlarge their monsters, minions and on one occasion themselves.


  • The fact that Lord Zedd generated themselves was exclusive to Power Rangers since the monsters in Gosei Sentai Dairanger carried them about on their person and pulled them out to use upon their failure (and on one occasion, detonated after the monsters' death).
    • However, during the battle with the Media Magician, Gara used one to enlarge his lifeless form since he had died defending the Pink Dairanger.
      • This was presumably changed to make Zedd seem as competent as Rita and not just leave him as "the dude who creates monsters and then yells at his minions when they're defeated."
  • The reason for the Growth Bombs being retired near the start of Season 3 was to line up with Kakuranger footage where the monsters were grown by summoning lightning clouds.

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