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"Wild Access!”

The Growl Phone was the phone-based morpher of the five core Wild Force Rangers, given to them by Princess Shayla. It could be operated like a conventional cell phone, and would transform from miniature animal (overlaid with the Wild Zords images) to humanoid robot modes when a morph was initiated. The Growl Phones were gold with Ranger-colored trim on the phones' animal figureheads. They had the same morphing sequence as their counterparts Gaorangers.

Alternative to the Growl Phones, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.


Morphing Sequence

Power Rangers Wild Force - Rangers Morph 2

Power Rangers Wild Force - Rangers Morph 2

The morphers activated with the phrase, "Wild Access! HA!"

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