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Zombie Franke/Mutitus once grown.

A staple of Power Rangers and Super Sentai in many seasons is the monster growing to giant size after being destroyed or nearly destroyed by the Power Rangers in battle. This would cause the Rangers to summon their Zords or Mechas to finish off the monster for good. Many monsters required one of the recurring villains to make them grow, while others possess the ability to grow on their own. In some cases the monsters do not grow but rather are shown to pilot their own giant robots, and there are a few cases were growing was not needed as the monster was naturally giant-sized. In the event that an enlarged monster was defeated by a final attack from the Mechas or Megazords but still survived, then the enlargement would be undone, and the monster would return to small size. 

While most Super Sentai and all Power Rangers seasons make monsters giants, certain series do not follow this strategy: both Battle Fever J and Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers use robotic clones of the monster while Goggle V, Bioman and Dekaranger/Power Rangers S.P.D. generally used giant robots that were piloted.

A giant monster will also have some vocal differences, with recent Super Sentai monsters gaining a deep, booming echo, a good example being some of the Karo from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. The enlarged monsters of recent Power Rangers series also have booming echos, but lack the deepness of recent Super Sentai monsters.

List of Growing methods

Super Sentai Growing Method:

Power Rangers: Growing Methods:

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - During its three seasons, different methods were used. See below.
    • Season 1 - Rita would chant "Magic wand, make my monster grow" or a variation thereof before throwing her staff to Earth where it would crack open the ground and release a burst of magic to enlarge the monster.
      • Babe Ruthless and Oysterizer both seemingly grew by themselves without any assistance from Rita, while Goldar and Scorpina also both grew by themselves occasionally. With Goldar, Rita would usually chant "Magic wand, make my Goldar grow".
    • Season 2 - Lord Zedd materialized a Growth Bomb in his hand and then threw it to Earth where the monster would detonate it. The energy of the explosion would enlarge the monster. Sometimes the grenades would detonate the moment they struck the ground.
    • Season 3 & Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers - Rita and Zedd would bring their staffs together to create a storm on Earth which would strike their monster with lightning and enlarge it. Rito used their staffs himself once. Sometimes, Lord Zedd or Rita could use their own individual staffs to grow a monster, without needing to bring them together. In one instance, after being dared by Tommy to produce a monster, Zedd used Rita's to make the See Monster grow, when his own staff had been damaged by Tommy. 
  • Power Rangers Zeo - In Target Rangers, King Mondo upgraded Klank and Orbus to allow them to enlarge of his machine monsters. Saying "Around, and round, and away you go!", Klank would swing Orbus on a chain and throw him at the machine monsters with Orbus then re-energizing and/or enlarging the monster with a laser fired through a special USB drive-like device extended from his body. King Mondo apparently had the power to make himself grow, which he used twice.
    • Mondo's first monster, Staroid, was constructed giant-sized.
  • Power Rangers Turbo - Divatox's subcraft fired a pair of torpedoes at the monster, which would enlarge it upon detonation. They defied the laws of physics by being able to fly out of water and through space. The Rangers used them once to undo Shrinkasect's spell on them; the torpedoes could also undo transformations but would leave the ones cured temporarily invisible. During the first half of Turbo, Divatox fired her torpedoes from underwater, and in the second half, she would fire them from her Space Base. 
    • Electrovolt absorbed his bikes which made him grow giant without the need for the torpedoes.
  • Power Rangers In Space - The Dark Fortress would fire green rays called Satellasers to enlarge the monsters.
    • Darkonda fired an orange beam from his hand to make the Barillian Bug grow.
    • A tainted strength potion sabotaged by Ecliptor that Darkonda took caused him to grow into a mutated version of himself and temporarily become feral.
    • Spikey and Hoothead grew on their own with no apparent help.
    • The Coralizer somehow summoned the Sattellasers by himself.
    • The Psycho Rangers had the ability to grow on their own (although Psycho Blue was enlarged by the Satellasers anyway), but only ever did so after assuming their monster forms.
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - The monster would drink a flask of green elixir. This was later phased out so instead the monster would grow on its own, usually after being hit by the combined attack of the Rangers' weapons. Radster, Horn, Mutantrum, Ruptor and Fishface were the only monsters to use the elixir phase.
    • Deviot fires a syringe filled with poisonous formula to grow and control Loyax.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Jinxer would toss a special card on the debris of a destroyed demon reciting a rhyming spell that was related to the demon's theme and/or element. The demon's remains would turn into bats which flew together into a giant version of the demon. On special occasions a different revival card would make the demon into a more powerful and uglier super demon. Diabolico used this on one occasion to force Falkar to grow by stabbing him in the back with the card.
    • Magmavore was naturally a giant.
    • Higher ranked demons such as Diabolico, Olympius and Queen Bansheera had the ability to make themselves grow at will.
    • Queen Bansheera had the power to revive and empower demons by touching them with her tentacles, even brainwashing disloyal minions in the process.
  • Power Rangers Time Force - The mutant would remove a patch on its body to expose its DNA causing the mutant to enlarge. When backed into a corner, the mutant would remove the patch. Wes accidentally cut off a patch once which taught the Rangers to avoid hitting the patch. The process worked in reverse when the mutant was defeated, shrinking them down to the size of an action figure for cryo-storage.
    • Max Axe and Tronicon were able to grow in a similar manner despite being a robot; it is likely Frax gave them synthetic DNA.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force - Toxica would resurrect fallen Orgs and cause them to grow by reciting the spell "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life", firing some magic beans from her staff into the puddle of goo that was formerly an Org. The beans would sprout into vines that reformed and enlarged the fallen Org. Master Org was shown to create the beans from his hands. Still-living Orgs could eat the beans to grow. Jindrax once recited this spell while using Toxica's staff when Toxica had been destroyed. It was explicitly mentioned by Toxica that when an Org becomes giant, it can no longer return to its original size making enlargement essentially a last resort, although this can be countered by Retinax having returned to his original size following his defeat, which Toxica was not aware of. Jindrax ate the magic beans one time and became a giant himself, while chanting "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give Jindrax a jumbo-sized life!." However after only a few minutes in battle he burped out fumes that cause him to go back to regular size, being the only Org to do so. Some higher-ranked Orgs have been shown to grow at will; however, if destroyed at small size, they may still be revived and enlarged by way of the beans. In Zen-Aku's case he was apparently destroyed at giant size, but somehow survived and returned to his original size as seen in the final episode.
    • Zen-Aku and Master Org had the ability to make themselves grow without the need for seeds.
    • Retinax coul also do this since his Sentai counterpart impaled himself with Toxica's spear.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm - Lothor's lairship would launch a Scroll of Empowerment to revive and/or enlarge the monster, though some of the main villains just piloted Zord-like robots instead. A few scrolls were kept in chests for emergencies; both Choobo and Vexacus used these back-up scrolls. Lothor had a handheld device called a Personal Alien Manager, or P.A.M. which activated the scroll sent down to enlarge the monster. Unfortunately, it turned out he was limited to growing one monster at a time due to forgetting to pay for a crucial memory upgrade with a limit of three uses per day.
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder - Mesogog used his Hydro-Regenerator to revive and/or enlarge his monsters. It took the form of an orb that created a storm cloud which used rain to reconstitute the monsters; this surprisingly also worked on Tutenhawken despite him not being affiliated with Mesogog. However, Trent used his own Zords to battle the Rangers while still evil with them later being utilized by his evil clone.
  • Power Rangers S.P.D. - Broodwing would release a bat which would bite and enlarge the monster. This was done only once on T-Top, as most monsters in SPD used robots of their own instead of growing. 
    • Dru Harrington/Giganis twisted a large oval-shaped device;
    • Shorty was able to enlarge himself by swallowing the energy blasts of the Canine Cannon;
    • "Debugger" and One Eye appeared as giants.
    • The Dragouls had the power to grow on their own with the first becoming giant, the second starting off as a giant and then becoming much larger than even Megazord-size.
    • Delex absorbed the energy he'd drained from people originally contained in battery packs to be given to Emperor Gruumm by Broodwing.
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force - Koragg would often revive and/or enlarge the monster via a dark spell. Necrolai did this several times when she was given Koragg's magic in the from of a dark Mystic Morpher. Imperious' monsters could grow at will. He himself had the power to grow larger than the Mystic Force Megazord (which was the size of his foot), but used the ability once as he was still weak from revival and later didn't want to get his hands dirty. The Ten Terrors were naturally giant sized, and could change between giant and human size at will.
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - With four villain groups came four methods of instigating giant-sized battles: Kamdor would use a sutra to make his monsters grow. Moltor shot a dart at his to make them grow. This was used only once on Bullox, as he tended to use small monsters or permanently giant robots. Flurious also preferred robots, or monsters that appeared giant sized in the first place. The Fearcats were able to grow on their own by tearing open their bodies, allowing the second body within to emerge and enlarge. The two main Fearcats, Mig and Benglo, perhaps having lost this ability once upgraded by Flurious - typically attacked in a different giant robot in every appearance instead of doing this often. Vulturus, the sole monster created by Thrax, grew by unknown means.
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Once a Rinshi Beast had collected enough human fear, it gained the ability to grow into a giant form. As evidenced by the Five Fingers of Poison, the Rinshi Beasts could take giant form any time once they had collected the amount of fear needed. Grizzaka meanwhile was able to revive and grow his monsters with his Zocato Power as well as himself.
  • Power Rangers R.P.M. - Venjix would initiate a Power Download at the Venjix Palace, triggering machinery to restore and/or enlarge his robots. General Crunch once wondered why they waited until after the Attack Bots were destroyed to enlarge them. However, this was done to a few intact Attack Bots on several occasions.
  • Power Rangers Samurai/Power Rangers Super Samurai - The Nighloks had two lives and, when destroyed at regular size, they would normally unleash their Mega-Monster form, which was a gigantic version of it that also had to be destroyed to finish the Nighlok completely and send them to the Nighlok Heaven. Moogers, the foot soldiers of the Nighlok army, were created at both small and giant sizes, and giant Moogers often accompanied giant monsters. A Nighlok's Mega-monster form could not be unleashed prior to the death of the first life; on one occasion, when the ravenous Nighlok known as Skarf had gained enough power to use a weapon only his giant form had, Deker and Dayu were sent to strike down Skarf to activate his second life, to the Rangers' initial confusion.
    • They can receive a third life, but only when another Nighlok gives up their second life, as was the case of Octoroo and Gigertox. However, this third life, when activated, is even more powerful than the second, and doesn't resemble the original Nighlok.
    • Serrator's creations: the Papyrox, are made giant.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce - Vrak sent five of his Zombats to revive and/or enlarge the Insectoids or Toxic Mutants by surrounding their target with a circle of blue light emitted from their eyes. When the Robots were grown, the Zombats, in this case called Zombolts, would burrow into the Robots, like literal bolts, enlarging them.
    • Admiral Malkor, however, ate a single Zombat to enlarge himself, much to the Rangers' disgust.
  • Power Rangers Super MegaforceLevira unveiled a new weapon in the place of the defunct Zombats called the Maximizer, a pair of cannons mounted on the Armada Mothership. When fired, it revived and/or enlarged one of the Armada's monsters, usually with a complement of Bruisers and/or X Borgs. According to Levira, Zombats are not able to grow multiple targets at once, unlike the Maximizer.
  • Power Rangers Dino ChargeSledge would have his ship fire a blue laser called the Magna Beam at Earth to restore and enlarge his outlaws.
  • Power Rangers Dino Super Charge - After Sledge's ship crashed on Earth, Heckyl, Snide, and/or Lord Arcanon, would have the Magna Beam fired at a satellite in space, which would reflect the beam back to Earth. The beam can also be used to shrink the monsters back to normal size. Should a monster be powerful enough, like in the cases of Lord Arcanon or Badussa, the monster affected by the Magnabeam can be forced back to their original size when defeated by a Megazord as opposed to being destroyed.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Whenever one of the Galaxy Warriors Contestants was defeated, Cosmo Royale asked the audience if they should be given another chance. If the audience cheered loudly enough to push the meter on the Galaxy Warriors stage to the top, Cosmo pressed the blue button on his console that fired a beam from the Warrior Dome Ship to Gigantify the contestant. Some contestants request to be Gigantified without being destroyed first, but the audience's approval is still required (except in a few rare cases, where one of the main villains demanded it right away without waiting for the audience.) When the audience reject it or if the Gigantified monster requires backup, he presses the red button which releases Skullgators which are enlarged from the start. The yellow button teleports people or monsters off the ship when it transports Victor and Monty off the Warrior Dome.
    • Galvanax is revealed to have his own Gigantify button in his control room on the Kudabots' console.
    • During the episode Past, Presents, and Future, the monster Cleocatra's time controlling device had a Gigantify function on it allowing her (and Ninja Steel Red, accidentally) to reach gigantic sizes.
    • Game Goblin was able to grow himself in his game without the aid of the Gigantify Ray.
    • Versix was able to grow himself using his staff.
    • Despite Madame Odius and her crew destroyed in Reaching the Nexus, Snow Fright was able to grow thanks to Wrench fixing the Gigantify Ray.
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Rather than the having the Robotrons growing, Scrozzle will transport a giant Gigadrone robot that takes on characteristics of the Robotron.
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