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Dora Franke/Mutitus once grown.

A staple of Super Sentai/Power Rangers seasons is the monsters growing to a giant size after being (nearly) destroyed in battle. This would cause the Rangers to summon their Zords or Mechas to finish the monsters for good. Many monsters require recurring villains to make them grow while others possess the ability to do it all by themselves. In some cases monsters do not grow but are shown to pilot their own giant robots and there are a few cases where the monster is or appears naturally giant-sized. In the event enlarged monsters are defeated but still survive the enlargement is undone and the monsters return to a smaller size.

While most Sentai/PR seasons make monsters giant certain seasons do not follow this strategy: Battle Fever J and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers use robotic clones while Dai Sentai Goggle V, Choudenshi Bioman and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger/Power Rangers S.P.D. generally use giant robots and Mashin Sentai Kiramager uses Kaiju-like monsters with similar themes.

Giant monsters will also have vocal differences with recent Sentai monsters gaining deep and booming echoes, a good example being the Karo from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. The enlarged monsters of recent PR seasons also have booming echoes but lack the deepness of their counterparts.

Growing Methods

Super Sentai

Shōwa Era

Heisei Era

Reiwa Era

Power Rangers

Zordon Era

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - During its three seasons different methods were used:
    • Season 1 - Rita Repulsa chants "Magic wand, make my monster grow" or a variation before throwing her staff to Earth where it cracks the ground and releases magic to enlarge monsters.
      • Babe Ruthless and Oysterizer seemingly grew by themselves without assistance from Rita while Goldar and Scorpina also did so as well occasionally. With the former Rita would usually chant "Magic wand, make my Goldar grow". She even used her staff on a brainwashed Tommy Oliver.
    • Season 2 - Lord Zedd materializes a Growth Bomb in his hand and throws it to Earth where the monster detonates it and the explosion enlarges them. Sometimes the grenades detonate the moment they strike the ground.
    • Season 3 & Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers - Rita and Zedd bring their staffs together to create a storm which strikes the monsters with lightning to enlarge them. Rito Revolto uses their staffs himself once. Sometimes Zedd or Rita can use their individual staffs to grow monsters without needing to bring them together. After being dared to produce a monster Zedd uses Rita's staff to make See Monster grow when his own was damaged by Tommy.
  • Power Rangers Zeo - King Mondo upgrades Klank & Orbus to enlarge his monsters. Saying "Around and 'round, and away you go!" or a variation thereof, Klank swings Orbus on a chain and throws him at monsters with Orbus reenergizing and/or enlarging them using a special USB flash drive device extended from his body.
    • Mondo apparently has the power to make himself grow.
    • Staroid is made giant-sized.
  • Power Rangers Turbo - Divatox fires torpedoes at monsters which enlarge them upon detonation. They defy the laws of physics by being able to fly out of water and through space. The Rangers use them to undo Shrinkasect's spell; the torpedoes can also undo transformations but leave those cured temporarily invisible. During the first half Divatox fires the torpedoes from her Subcraft underwater and in the second half fires them from the Space Base.
    • Electrovolt absorbs his bikes which make him giant without the torpedoes.
  • Power Rangers In Space - The Dark Fortress fires Satellasers to enlarge monsters.
    • Darkonda fires an orange beam to make a Barillian Bug grow.
    • A tainted strength potion sabotaged by Ecliptor that Darkonda takes causes him to mutate and become temporarily feral.
    • Spikey and Hoothead grow on their own with no apparent help.
    • Coralizer summons the Sattellasers by himself.
    • The Psycho Rangers have the ability to grow on their own (although Psycho Blue is enlarged via the Satellasers anyway) but only ever do so after assuming their monster forms.

Post-Zordon Era

  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - Five of the earliest monsters to face the team would drink a special growth elixir from a flask, causing them to grow. From then on, a new practice was utilized, where the monsters were altered so that they would grow after being hit by combined attacks from the Rangers' weapons. Radster, Horn, Mutantrum, Ruptor and Fishface are the only monsters to use the elixir.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Jinxer tosses a revival card on destroyed Demons reciting rhyming spells related to the demons' themes and/or elements; the Demon remains turn into bats which fly together into a giant. On special occasions a different card makes a more powerful and uglier "super demon". Diabolico uses this card to force Falkar into growing by stabbing him with it. Vypra was able to summon a regular card with her sword to enlarge Aquafiend.
    • Magmavore is naturally a giant.
    • Higher-ranked demons such as Diabolico, Olympius and Queen Bansheera have the ability to make themselves grow at will.
    • Bansheera can revive and empower Demons by touching them with her tentacles even brainwashing disloyal minions in the process.
  • Power Rangers Time Force - Mutants remove a Mutant Seal Patch to expose DNA causing them to enlarge; only when backed into a corner they do this. Wesley Collins accidentally cut off Jetara's patch, which taught the Rangers to avoid hitting it. The process works in reverse when Mutants are defeated shrinking them to the size of an action figure for storage.
    • Max Axe and Tronicon are able to grow in a similar manner despite being robots; it is likely Frax gave them synthetic DNA.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force - Toxica resurrects and grows Orgs by reciting "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life", firing magic beans from her staff into the puddles of goo formerly Orgs; the beans sprout into vines that reform and enlarge them. Master Org can create these beans from his hands. Still-living Orgs could eat the beans to grow; it was explicitly mentioned that when an Org becomes giant it can no longer return to smaller size essentially making enlargement a last resort although this is countered by Retinax returning following his defeat which Toxica was not aware of. Jindrax ate the beans one time and became giant himself while chanting "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give Jindrax a jumbo-sized life!" However, after only a few minutes in battle he burped out fumes causing him to go back to regular size being the only Org to visibly do so.
    • Jindrax recites Toxica's incantation while using her staff when she had been destroyed.
    • Higher-ranked Orgs are shown to grow at will; however, if destroyed at small size they may still be revived and enlarged by the beans. Zen-Aku is apparently destroyed at giant size but somehow survives and returns after Master Org's defeat.

Disney Era

New Saban Era

Hasbro Era

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