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Dora Franke/Mutitus once grown.

A staple of Super Sentai/Power Rangers seasons is the monsters growing to a giant size, usually after being (nearly) destroyed in battle. This would cause the Rangers to summon their Zords or Mechas to finish the monsters for good. Many monsters require recurring villains to make them grow while others possess the ability to do it all by themselves. Some monsters automatically grow giant when they absorb enough power, though this usually requires a great amount of energy. Most enlargers can be used before or after a monster is destroyed, but a few only work after. In some cases monsters do not grow but are shown to pilot their own giant robots or hijack the Rangers' Zords and there are a few cases where the monster is or appears naturally giant-sized. In the event enlarged monsters are defeated but still survive, the enlargement is undone and the monsters return to a smaller size but are often badly injured. Sometimes enlarged monsters are teleported back to their base, shrinking to normal size in the process, and some monster enlargers are also used to enlarge objects. Occasionally, a monster's weapon or body part will be destroyed but come back when the monster is enlarged. Some villains can also grow giant on their own, or maybe they grow giant using enlargers.

While most Sentai/PR seasons make monsters giant certain seasons do not follow this strategy: Battle Fever J and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers use robotic clones while Dai Sentai Goggle V, Choudenshi Bioman and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger/Power Rangers S.P.D. generally use giant robots and Mashin Sentai Kiramager uses Kaiju-like monsters with similar themes.

Giant monsters will also have vocal differences with recent Sentai monsters gaining deep and booming echoes, a good example being the Karo from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. The enlarged monsters of recent PR seasons also have booming echoes but lack the deepness of their counterparts.

Super Sentai

Shōwa period

Heisei period

Reiwa period

Power Rangers

Zordon Era

Post-Zordon Era

  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - The earliest monsters drank a growth elixir. From then on, a new practice was utilized where the monsters were altered so they grew on their own through a reaction triggered upon them being severely weakened (usually, this would happen after being struck with a finishing move by the Rangers).
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Jinxer tossed a card on destroyed Demons reciting rhyming spells related to their themes and/or elements; the Demon remains turned into a swarm of bats that recreated them as a giant. On special occasions a different card made a more powerful "super demon".
    • Magmavore was naturally a giant.
    • Diabolico used a special card to force Falkar into growing by stabbing him with it.
    • Vypra was able to summon a regular card with her sword to enlarge Aquafiend.
    • Higher-ranked demons such as Diabolico, Prince Olympius and Queen Bansheera had the ability to make themselves grow at will.
    • Bansheera could revive and empower her minions by touching them with her tentacles, even brainwashing them in the process.
  • Power Rangers Time Force - As a last-ditch effort Mutants removed a Mutant Seal Patch on their bodies to expose their DNA which triggered a chemical reaction. Wesley Collins accidentally cut off Jetara's patch which taught the Rangers to avoid hitting them.
    • Max Axe and Tronicon grew in a similar manner despite being robots; Frax likely gave them synthetic DNA.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force - Toxica resurrected and grew Orgs by reciting "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life", firing magic beans from her staff into the puddles of goo left behind by destroyed Orgs. The beans then sprouted into vines that reformed and recreated the Org as a giant; living Orgs could eat the beans to grow.
    • It is explicitly mentioned that (at least to Toxica's knowledge) when Orgs become giant they can no longer return to smaller size, essentially making enlargement a last resort. However, this is countered by Retinax returning to normal size, which Toxica was not aware of; it is likely that Duke Orgs were able to return to normal size unlike standard Orgs.
    • After the death and enlargement of Juggelo, Jindrax stole and ate some of the beans and became giant himself while chanting "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give Jindrax a jumbo-sized life!" However, after only a few minutes he burped out fumes causing him to go back to regular size.
    • Master Org could create the beans from his hands and used them to enlarge Nayzor.
    • Jindrax recited Toxica's incantation while using her staff when she had been destroyed.
    • Zen-Aku was apparently destroyed but somehow survived and grew by smacking himself in the chest.
    • In his final form Master Org was able to grow giant at will.

Disney Era

New Saban Era

  • Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai - Nighloks had two lives, and when destroyed at regular size they unleashed their Mega-Monster form which was essentially an enlarged version of themselves. Mega-Monsters could not be accessed prior to the loss of the first life; when Skarf gained enough power to use a weapon only his giant form had Deker and Dayu struck him down.
    • Moogers and Spitfangs were created at both sizes.
    • A Nighlok could receive a third life when another Nighlok gave up their second life. However, this next life was even more powerful and didn't resemble the original monster.
    • Serrator's Papyroxes were created as giants.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce - Vrak sent his Zombats to revive and enlarge monsters by forming a circle of blue light. Admiral Malkor ate a single Zombat to enlarge himself to the Rangers' disgust.
    • Distractor could create the magical illusion that he was giant by transmogrifying the surrounding area.
    • While inside the Aurora Box, Bigs was able to appear in several locations at once, even as a giant wave of slime.
    • When the Robots were enlarged, the Zombats, in this case called Zombolts were sent to burrow like literal bolts before enlarging them. Metal Alice once summoned the Zombolts herself.
  • Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Levira unveiled the Maximizer, a pair of cannons on the Armada Mothership. When fired it revived and enlarged monsters, usually with a complement of Bruisers.
    • Desolar was able to make himself grow and shrink by adjusting the dial on his belt. However, it was destroyed by the Rangers and he had to be Maximized anyway.
    • Professor Cog grew by initiating a Power Download of his own.
    • Invidious returned to normal size when the Rangers launched him into space.
    • Prince Vekar and Levira piloted Megazords with their likenesses.
    • The Zombats returned to enlarge Tresnag and Drill Horn.
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge - Sledge had his ship fire its Magna Beam to restore and enlarge his outlaws; it could also return monsters to normal size. Should a monster be powerful enough they could be forced back to normal size when defeated as opposed to being destroyed.
    • Vivix usually formed giant Vivizords to battle the Rangers.
    • Leisure grew while projecting her Vacation Beam from space.
    • Greenzillas were naturally giant.
    • After the ship crashes and when it's still grounded, Heckyl, Snide and Lord Arcanon have the Magna Beam fired at a satellite which reflects it back to Earth and the monsters.
    • Singe, Doomwing and Lord Arcanon created their own Dino Chargers to control the Rangers' Zords.
    • Due to Sledge, his crew and ship all seemingly being destroyed Heximas modified his sleigh with its own Magna Beam.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel - When one of the Galaxy Warriors was defeated, Cosmo Royale asked if they should be given another chance. If the audience cheered loudly enough to push the onstage meter to the top he pressed the blue button on his console that fired the Gigantify Ray from the Warrior Dome to enlarge contestants. Some contestants request to be Gigantified without being destroyed but the audience's approval is still required (except in a few cases where the villains demand it without waiting). If the audience rejects the monster's chance to be Gigantified or the Gigantified monsters require backup, Cosmo presses the red button to release Skullgators which are giant by default.
    • Galvanax had a personal Gigantify button in his control room on the Kudabots' console.
    • Hacktrack summoned giant holographic clones of Galvanax using stolen technology.
    • Tangleweb could transform into a vortex and shrink by going into Spider Mode but was Gigantified anyway.
    • Two Skullgators combined into a sword that a Gigantified Ripcon wielded.
    • Cleocatra's time-controlling device has a Gigantify function, allowing her (and Brody Romero by accident) to grow.
    • Game Goblin was able to grow himself in his game, only doing so after being defeated and initiating a bonus level.
    • In Grave Robber, Cosmo Royale used misfortune cards to deploy Skullgators and turn the Robo Rider Zord against the Rangers.
    • Madame Odius had Foxatron Gigantified to serve as her Megazord.
    • Using the stolen Ninja Fusion Star, General Tynamon combined a group of Skullgators to create Megamauler who was already giant. However, Tynamon shrunk him and he had to be Gigantified anyway.
    • Versix was able to grow using his staff after being defeated at normal size; the energy projected suggests it worked the same as the Gigantify Ray.
    • Despite the rest of the Galaxy Warriors and Sledge's prisoners being destroyed Snow Fright was able to grow thanks to Wrench fixing the Gigantify Ray.

Hasbro Era

  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Rather than having Robotrons grow, Scrozzle transferred their data to pre-built Gigadrones and teleported them to Earth. There they would have the physical characteristics of Robotrons. Most Gigadrones worked on AI systems but some had cockpits.
    • Some Gigadrones were never shown to have Robotron counterparts.
    • Scrozzle could also send out Gigatronics and Gigadrone Delta Models that emerged from another Gigadrone's back.
    • Cybervillain Blaze used his own Megazord designed by Scrozzle.
    • Evox was able to grow after gaining his new body using the Morph X in his system.
      • He later assumed a new giant form by combining with a Morph-X Tower. It was several times larger than the Gigadrones and didn't resemble his main form.
    • Boxertron was giant sized by default since he was created from an entire building.
    • Ryjack was able to make himself grow using an Andresian device that sprayed him with lightning.
    • Evox piloted the Chimera Zord and later the Omegadrone.
    • After upgrading herself with dinosaur DNA, Robo-Roxy was able to use its full power to grow into a gigantic new form that resembles a chimeric cross between her flower and dinosaur-enhanced forms.
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury - Sporix Beasts grow stronger the more they fight. If allowed to fight for long enough, their body will gain so much power they automatically grow giant.
    • Boomtower was able to enlarge himself to giant size after putting a Sporix into his body and harnessing its power.
    • Slyther is able to enlarge himself to giant size as he is powered by a Sporix, and he can also use his enlargement abilities in combination with his shapeshifting abilities, as seen when he took the form of a giant Roostafa.
    • Wreckmate was able to enlarge himself to giant size due to being powered by a Sporix.
    • Despite not being a Sporix Beast, Reaghoul appears to have grown giant on his own, though he did this off-screen.