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Ground Psyma Beast Magma Golem (岩石サイマ獣 マグマゴレム Ganseki Saimajū Maguma Goremu, 1, 11, 12 & 28) is a Psyma Beast who works for Beast Baron Cobolda. It was one of the first Psyma Beasts that appeared in the series.

Character History

The first Psyma Beast sent down to Earth to both destroy and burn up the city. This monster was seemingly destroyed by the Victory Robo when chucked into a lava pit it created earlier.

While appearing to die, it was eventually brought back by the magic of Grand Witch Grandiene, who used her power to make Magma Golem more powerful than before. Using its brute strength, it destroys the Braver Sword of Victory Robo while upgrading Hellgerus into Golem Hellgerus. After defeating Victory Robo, both monsters return to reactivate the volcano and cause chaos to the local vicinity. When GoGoFive try to reclaim Victory Robo to fight once again, they face them until they're forced to withdraw into the GoLiners to activate their new mecha: the Grand Liner. Using the shoulder gatling gun and missiles, the team crush Magma Golem once again, but Grandiene does not mind due to its power being distributed for later usage. 

Although finally destroyed, their fragments still retain the power that Grandiene gave him. These fragments would be found by Pierre a little later and would turn them into "Golem Cards" that would be used in place of the Revival Cards to enhance the power of the giant Psyma Beasts.

This monster was later seen in the series as a mere simulation to test the GoGoFive's gear.


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Powers and Abilities


Magma Golem's main ability is to use its super-heated body to melt stone and cause it to become magma to burn and destroy anything in its path. It likewise has a second face on its torso which can fire fireballs from it to attack or destroy.

After becoming upgraded by Grandiene, Magma Golem now boasts more Minus Energy as well as a massive club as a weapon.

Behind the Scenes

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