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""Make some noise! Be afraid! You tiny little humans!""
―Grorserian Hell Heaven's first words when crashing a party in Devil Capture.[src]
""You bastards, I'm gonna wipe you from this world!""
―Grorserian Hell Heaven when confronted by the Dekarangers after they destroyed the remote controlled Devil Capture and his final words before his deletion.[src]

Grorserian Hell Heaven (グローザ星人ヘルヘヴン Gurōza Seijin Heruhevun) is a hitman Alienizer in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Character History

From the Planet Grorser, he is charged with kidnapping for profit-making and murder in Star-29. Hell Heaven was hired by Rikomoian Kevakia to kidnap Fragrantian Erika at a party in Area-87, piloting Devil Capture. After accomplishing his mission, he escaped thus leaving the battle against Dekaranger Robo.

Soon he contacted Erika's parents and demanded their Wellness Stone in exchange of their daughter. The next day, a transaction was held until the Dekarangers revealed their trick. With the Alienizer alone, the team face him, first as he sends out a squadron of Anaroids they easily take out, then with him releasing Devil Capture once again. Red, Green and Yellow head forth in their Dekamachine, where they attach a long sword-like pointer to PatStriker. Ban attacks the mech with the sword and his driving skills, destroying the Kaijuuki and Houji deleted Hell Heaven using his D-Blaster. However, the Alienizer's actual job was accomplished, as Erika turned out to be the disguised Kevakia and escaped with the Wellness Stone. Episode. 03: Perfect Blue


Hell Heaven's main weapon is an axe with a "D"-shaped blade.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet is named after director Akira Kurosawa.
  • His name is based on High and Low (天国と地獄 Tengoku to Jigoku, literally "Heaven and Hell"), a movie directed by Akira Kurosawa.


  • Grorserian Hell Heaven were designed by character designer Yasuhiro Moriki.

Accused Crimes

  • Murder on 29 different planets.
  • Kidnapping of Fragrantian Erika.

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