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For the Phantom Beast from Jungle Fury, see Grinder.
"I hate Grinders!"
Dillon's opinion about the Grinders.[src]

The Grinders are the foot soldiers of the Venjix Army, similar to the Cogs and X Borgs. They are robot warriors with strong fighting skills. They can fire lasers from their weapons, and they pilot the Venjix Drones. They also have the ability to turn into motorcycles.

They return in Super Megaforce under the command of Professor Cog.




The Grinders were originally created by Venjix to serve as the manpower and flunkies of his army that were easily able to exterminate almost all of humanity except for the one city called Corinth due to them having a special team of defenders amassed by Venjix's creator herself. They and one of Venji's generals (most commonly Tenaya 7/15) would accompany an Attack Bot into Corinth to try and destroy the shields so that they could launch an all out assault but were always inferior to the Rangers.

In the episode "Ghosts," Venjix entered a physical form for the first time and summoned some Grinders to help him, General Shifter, and the Dyna Bot against the Rangers. He then empowered them with some keys, sticking them into the Grinders' gears which made them unbeatable until the Gold and Silver Rangers arrived and destroyed them and the Dyna Bot.

It is unclear what exactly happened to Venjix's Grinders after the virus himself was imprisoned in the Rangers' Morphers. It is possible that they were exterminated by the human forces with better weapons (only to be later rebuilt for Megaforce), or they simply went into hiding as humanity reclaimed the planet.


During "Clash of the Red Rangers; The Movie", which is set between the RPM episodes "Ancient History" and "End Game", an army of Grinders accompanied Professor Cog when he went to 2011 Earth and to its Netherworld to try and get some water from Master Xandred and the Nighlock do that he could poison the people of Corinth. His first move, upon creating a deal that he would get the water if he killed the Samurai Rangers, was the send the Grinders to attack a bridge to lure them out which he succeeded in doing. The Grinders proved to be completely immune to the Spin Swords but were easily taken out when Scott Truman (who had followed them) arrived and destroyed the entire contingent. More later attacked Antonio at the harbour wbut was saved by Scott although Cog soon arrived. Although that contingent of Cogs were all destroyed, five of the Samurai Rangers were sent to the RPM dimension and Scott and Truman were tuirned against one another by his Hypno Bolts. Later on, an army of Moogers and Grinders watched the twoi supposed enemies fight until the duo revealed that they were faking it. The Grinders became motorcycles for the Moogers (except one who was forced to give a Mooger a piggyback ride) but were all destroyed by Jayden and Scott when they got in a big red car. Professor Cog was destroyed shortly thereafter.

Super Megaforce

Three years later, more Grinders, certainly the last of their kind, accompanied Cog back to Earth in one final attempt to take over our world. Although he succeeded in trapping the Mega Rangers in the RPM dimension, he came into conflict with the Armada who also wished to conquer Earth and a fight broke out between the X Borgs and Grinders with heavy loses on both sides. Quickly however, the Mega Rangers were able to return by enlisting the help of the Turbo Falcon Zord so the two armies teamed up to destroy them and settle their differences later but all of the Grinders and X Borgs were easily dispatched.

With the destruction of Professor Cog at the hands of the Legendary RPM Megazord shortly thereafter, marking the end of the last of Venjix's commanders, the Grinders aren’t able to be produced and thus their threat has been eliminated for good.


The Grinders are mindless foot soldiers and therefore have no discernable personalities.

Powers and Abilities


  • Motorcycle Transformation: When the ones commanded by Professor Cog worked with the Nighlok, they can turn into motorcycles the Moogers can ride (except for the one who had to give a piggyback ride to its Mooger).


  • Strength: As seen in "Clash of the Red Rangers The Movie," the Grinders were very capable of lifting up a car and throwing it off of the bridge that they were standing on and seemed to be on par with the powerful X Borgs.
    • Enhanced Strength: In the episode "Ghosts", Venjix empowered them with General Shifter's keys which made them strong enough to throw the RPM Rangers to the ground.
  • Durability: Although they were usually completely useless when fought by the RPM Rangers, they were completely immune to the Samurai Rangers' Spin Swords.
    Grinders Motorcycle.jpg
  • Expert Pilots: The Grinders are experts at piloting the Venjix Drone fighters.
  • Expert Bikers: The Grinders are also experts at riding motorcycles.


  • The Grinders' noisy mechanisms make them unsuitable for stealth missions.


  • Dagger Blasters: The Grinders wield blasters that are similar to large daggers in combat, They serve as the equivalent to the RPM Rangers' Nitro Blaster and the Samurai Rangers' Spin Swords.
    • Lasers: The Grinders can fire red or yellow lasers from their dagger blasters that could cause enormous explosions and take down the Rangers. During the events of "Clash", these lasers were purple.
  • Venjix Drones: The Grinders pilot the Venjix drones.
  • Motorcycles: Some Grinders use motorcycles for transport and to fire red-orange lasers at opponents.

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