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For the Phantom Beast from Jungle Fury, see Grinder.
"I hate Grinders!"

The Grinders are the foot soldiers of the Venjix Army, similar to the Cogs and XBorgs. They are robot warriors with strong fighting skills. They can fire lasers from their weapons, and they pilot the Venjix Drones. They also have the ability to turn into motorcycles.

They return in Super Megaforce under the command of Professor Cog.

Character History


The Grinders first appeared when attacking Corinth with the Generation 5 Attack Bot. They easily beat up DIllon and Ziggy but were cut to peices by the RPM Rangers. More appeared in their Venjix Drones and Tanks but they were destroyed by the individual Zords. (The Road to Corinth and Back in Black).


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Super Megaforce

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The Grinders are mindless foot soldiers and therefore have no discernable personalities.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability-Although they were useless when fought by the RPM Rangers, they were completely immune to the Samurai Rangers' Spin Swords.
  • Motorcycle Transformation-When the ones commanded by Professor Cog worked with the Nighlok, can assume the form of motorcycles the Moogers can ride (Except for one who had to give a piggyback ride).
  • Expert Pilots-The Grinders are experts at piloting the Venjix Drone fighters.


  • Dagger Weapons-The Grinders wield weapons that are similar to large daggers in combvat,
    • Lasers-The Grinders can fire red energy lasers from thier dagger weapons. These could cause enormous explosions and take down the Rangers.
  • Venjix Drones-The Grinders pilot the Venjix drones.

Behind the Scenes


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