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"Why am I so itchy?"

For the Foot Soldiers from RPM, see Grinders.

Grinder is a Hanuman-Motif Phantom Beast Warrior who holds the spirit of the Monkey. He wields a staff in battle.

Following Camille stealing a primate-duplicating formula from a scientist named Maryl Snyder, she tests the formula on Grinder and unleashes him upon the city. Upon confronting the Rangers, he poured the formula upon himself and created clones of himself. Dominic went after Maryl while the other Rangers fought the Grinder clones. Though the side-effect of the formula caused Grinder to constantly itch himself. Camille told the real Grinder to run and hide as the Rangers continued to fight the Grinder clones as they call upon the Spirit Rangers to help. Scorch found him at a nearby lake and claimed that she changed her mind and to fight the Rangers as Dominic arrived. Dominic knocked him down as the other Rangers arrive. With the power of the Rhino Morpher Claw Mode, Dominic took down Grinder who then grew. Grinder fought the Jungle Master Megazord, the Wolf Pride Megazord, and the Rhino Pride Megazord. After taking a freezing attack from the Rhino Pride Megazord, Grinder was destroyed by the Jungle Master Stampede Mode.


  • Aside from being based on Hanuman, the monkey deity in Hinduism, he's also a reference to Sun Wukong, (also known as "Son Goku"), the monkey king of Chinese novel Journey to the West, especially with his ability to clone himself (albeit through the help of a formula).

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