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"Why am I so itchy?"

Grinder was a Hanuman themed Phantom Beast Warrior, who held the spirit of the Monkey. He wielded a staff in battle. With his staff Grinder could control fire. Grinder serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Maryl and the Monkeys".


Grinder was one of Phantom Beast Warriors. He used the battle style of Hanuman (the mythical monkey king, the character of Chinese mythology) and also holded the spirit of the monkey. He wielded a staff in battle. His staff could control fire. During the first Beast War, Grinder fought, alongside his allies, against Pai Zhuq Academy and Dai Shi Clan. He was destroyed along with other Phantom Beasts. However, Crystal Eyes, that possessed the power to ressurect them, were left behind. In the twenty-third episode, Jellica used Crystal Eyes and revived Phantom Beasts and ordered them to serve her and help her destroy Dai Shi. But Scorch, Snapper and Whiger betrayed and destroyed her and joined Dai Shi. Grinder was summoned by Scorch along with other Phantom Beast Wariors. Fear and the Phantoms In the twenty-ninth episode, Grinder aided Camille in stealing the primate duplicate formula from the scientist Maryl Snyder. Camille tested formula on Grinder and then sent him to attack Ocean Bluff. Grinder attacked the city and encountered Jungle Fury Rangers. He used his ability gained from formula. He created decades and hundreds of his clones and they fought Power Rangers. Dominic went after Maryl, while other rangers battled Grinder clones. Rangers called Spirit Rangers to help them. Despite clones were weak, but they were many and heroes were hard to battle them even with help of Spirit Rangers. Camille ordered Grinder not to show up. And side effect of formula made Grinder itchy. Grinder ran and hid on the lake. However, Scorch arrived and told Grinder that Camille changed her mind and fight the rangers. Dominic arrived and took down Grinder with Rhino Morpher Claw. Then Grinder grew. Rangers formed their Megazords to battle him. Grinder fought Jungle Master Megazord, Wolf Pride Megazord and Rhino Pride Megazord. He attacked Zords with flames, but Dominic used the rhino super freeze attack to freeze him on ice and grinder was then destroyed  by the Jungle Master Stampede Formation. Maryl and the MonkeysIn the final battle Grinder was revived by Dai Shi, but was destroyed, along with Unidoom, by Theo. Now the Final Fury


Grinder was cowardly Phantom Beast Warrior, who didn't like to fight and was also weak in battle. He helped Camille, but was far too cowardly to personally battle the rangers. He also suffered from fleas and itchy and was shown comical and funny. But he eventually found bravery to fight Power Rangers and did all he could do, but finally lost. But he is also loyal to Dai Shi and Camille.

Powers And Abilities

Rinzin Power

  • Strength: Grinder possesses big physical strength, enough to battle the Power Rangers.
  • Skilled Fighter: Plus to his strength, Grinder is also a capable fighter.
  • Agility: Being a monkey-like Phantom Beast, Grinder possesses formidable agility and can dodge the strikes of his enemies.
  • Enlarging: Just like all other Phantom Beasts, Grinder is able to enlarge himself by using the absorbed fear.
  • Self-Cloning: With the help of formula created by Dr. Maryl Snyder, Grinder is able to create multiple clones of himself.


  • Staff: Grinder wields a staff in battle.
    • Pyrokinesis: Grinder can control fire with his staff. He utilized this ability during the battle with the RangersMegazord.


  • Cowardice: Grinder is very cowardly and prefers to run and hide from his enemies.
  • Itchiness: The side effect of Dr. Maryl Snyder's formula was itchiness. Grinder was very itchy and it didn't let him be comfortable. It also made him easily distinguishable from his copies.
  • Clone Dependency: Destroying the original makes all the copies vanish.

Behind The Scenes


  • Grinder was voiced by Darren Young.
    • Grinder's voice is identical to Young's future voice role as Forcefear from Ninja Steel, and his future role 11 years later as Tooltron from Beast Morphers. Grinder has an identical voice to him whereas Tooltron's voice is higher pitched but otherwise identical.


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