This article is about a/an Nighlok Monster in Power Rangers Super Samurai.

"What the?"
―Grinataur’s final words before his death [src]

Grinataur is a Nighlok that can shoots black sand out of his neck/tongue that can make people so hungry or thirsty, that they will eat until they explode. He is destroyed by the Yellow Super Samurai Ranger.

He is sent by Serrator to cause misery by using his evil black sand to make people so hungry that they will eat and eat and drink and drink until they explode. He gets all the Rangers except Emily, and she and Jayden go battle him. Emily then destroys him in Super Samurai Mode. He turns into a Mega-Monster, but he is destroyed by the Samurai Gigazord.


  • Club Sword: He wields a club Sword in battle.
  • Explosive Peppers: He can throw red peppers that explode on contact.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sand: He can fire black sand from his neck to make people so hungry and thirsty that they will eat and drink until they explode. The more you eat, the more intense the feeling of starvation and thirst becomes.
  • Needles: Grinataur can fire needles from his head
  • Energy Beam: He can fire an energy beam from his tongue.
  • Enlarging: Grinataur can enlarge himself at will.



See Also

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