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The Griffon Minosaur (グリフォンマイナソー Gurifon Mainasō) was a Griffon-themed Minosaur monster from the Warfare Tribe Druidon.


After Kleon finds a Gangler Monster named Ganima Noshiagalda trapped in a cave after being experimented on by Goche Ru Medou, he expresses the desire to escape. As such, Kleon infects him with his slime and the Griffon Minosaur is created from his desire to be free from his confinement and the Minosaur is able to thusly free him. After doing so, the Griffon Minosaur is ordered to capture the Kishiryu so that he can trap them in his Gangler Safe. It is first seen having captured Tyramigo in a rope trap after he takes a bath in a river but Koh intervenes only to be overwhelmed by the Minosaur which allows Ganima to absorb the first Kishiryu. The other Ryusoulgers arrive but are unable to open Ganima's safes and find that he and the Griffon Minosaur have captured the other Kishiryu. Noel joins them but the Griffon Minosaur defends his master before leaving with Kleon on a secret mission. The Griffon Minosaur later ambushes Koh and Kairi of the Lupinrangers with the mission of stealing the Dial Fighters to ensure that they can't open Ganima's safes. When the three teams transform, the Griffon Minosaur goes into battle alongside Ganima and both the Porderman and Drunn Soldiers. However, Ganima's safe is soon open and the Griffon Minosaur is knocked down before both it and Ganima are obliterated by the One Hit Soul Strike. Due to its immediate death, the Griffon Minosaur is unable to use his amassed negative energy to grow.

Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki

It would later return as one of the villains who would serve as a member of Asmodeus' army. The Griffon Minosaur would survive long enough to see its' master’s plans seemingly come to fruition until Touma Kamiyama had managed to help Shotaro himself regain his passion for drawing out superheroes which had, in turn, revived all of the Kamen Riders and the Super Sentai teams back into existence. Ultimately, the entire army itself would be wiped out by the full and combined might of Kamen Rider Saber as well as his fellow swordsmen and the Zenkaigers along with Twokaizer while being supported by each and every one of the Kamen Riders that came before Kamen Rider Saber as well as each and every one of the Sentai Red rangers who were the leaders of their respective Sentai teams that came before the Zenkaigers.


Like all Minosaurs, due to being created from pure negative emotion based upon a singular desire, the Griffon Minosaur was only capable of saying "treasure" but spoke almost exclusively in roars and growls. Despite this, it showed the capacity to work with its allies and was very loyal to both Kleon and Ganima.

Powers & Abilities

  • Sight: The Griffon Minosaur was able to see despite completely lacking eyes.
  • Strength: The Griffon Minosaur was strong enough to free Ganima from his prison singlehandidly, overwhelm Koh and take him down with one nudge to the stomach as well as send Noel flying with one arm.
  • Durability: The Griffon Minosaur was shot three times by Kairi's VS Changer but was completely unfazed.
  • Flight: The Griffon Minosaur was able to fly using the wings on its back.
  • Enlarging: The Griffon Minosaur could presumably enlarge itself using its host's negative energy. However, it was unable to do so before its destruction.
  • Super Jump: The Griffon Minosaur is capable of leaping over long distances.


  • Arm Blades: The Griffon Minosaur had razor sharp blades mounted on its arms for combat.
  • Rope Trap: The Griffon Minosaur used a special bind to restrain Tyramigo before his capture.

Minosaur Info

  • Minosaur Attribute: Bird Beast
  • Place of Distribution: Location of Treasure
  • Experience Point: 904

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Griffon Minosaur's suit was a repainted and retooled version of the Kraken Minosaur's.
  • The Griffon Minosaur was based on a griffin, a creature that is part eagle and part lion.

Concept Art


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