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Green Zeo Sentries are a class of Lord Drakkon's Ranger Sentries whom are derived from the Green Zeo Ranger.[1]

Character History

The Green Zeo Sentries were created by Finster 5 using the Zeonizer of Adam Park, the Green Zeo Ranger, which was stolen by Lord Drakkon when he infiltrated the Zeo Rangers' world under the guise of his counterpart.

In the world of SPD, at least two Green Zeo tanks were among the army of Ranger Sentries which were led by Lord Drakkon in an assault against Space Patrol Delta's Delta Base. Though opposed by the SPD Rangers, a single shot from a cannon of the Sentries' caused the Shadow Ranger and his B-Squad Rangers to demorph, forcing them to retreat to Base with the C-Squad cadets. The tide was turned, however, when C-Squad cadet Konchu manually opened a compromised bulkhead as his fellow cadets and officers fought the Sentries without morphers. Soon after, the gigantic R.I.C. 3.0 was unleashed just in time to blast back against Drakkon and his forces, forcing them to return home.

At least one Green Zeo Sentry accompanied Lord Drakkon as he invaded the Astro Megaship to seize an Astro Morpher. They were resisted by the Space Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual


  • Unnamed Tank Mechas: Exosuit mini Zord-like tanks designed for the Green Zeo Sentries, who are the mobile infantry of Drakkon's army. These tanks are armed with blaster cannons, robotic claws for grabbing, lifting or crushing objects or targets and rapid fire high-caliber chain guns.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Green Zeo Sentry's design was created by Jamal Campbell.



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