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Green with Evil is a five-parter and serves as the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first episodes of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It features the debut of Tommy Oliver, who would eventually become the most experienced Ranger of all time.


Part 1

1993 - MMPR Special; Green with Evil.jpg

Tommy, a new kid in town with martial arts skills that rival even Jason's, catches Kimberly's eye. Rita Repulsa also sees potential in him. She has her Putties kidnap him and bring him to the moon. There, Rita places a spell over Tommy, turning him into the evil Green Power Ranger. Using his Dragon Power Coin, Tommy infiltrates the Command Center, gives Alpha 5 a virus, and destroys most of the control consoles. Zordon attempts reasoning with him, but fails and gets cut off from Earth. The Green Ranger then fights the other Power Rangers in battle, and with the Evil Space Aliens' help, takes the Rangers by surprise while they are in their Megazord. The Rangers retreat to the damaged Command Center in the RADBUG. They restore Alpha, but fail to learn anything about the mysterious Green Ranger.

Part 2

With the Command Center still incapacitated from the Green Ranger's attack, Billy and Trini attempt to repair it and Alpha 5. Tommy returns to Earth and acts cold and rude to Kimberly. After a successful training run on the beach, Rita gives Tommy the Sword of Darkness, which acts as a catalyst for keeping him under her evil spell permanently. The Rangers remain at a loss for a plan, but devote as much time into it as they can. Because of that, Jason informs Tommy at school that he will be unable to work out with him later. Unbeknownst to Jason, the possessed Tommy then teleports him to the Dark Dimension. Trapped, with no way out, no way of morphing, and no way of contacting his teammates, Jason faces Goldar alone.

Part 3

Jason continues battling Goldar in the Dark Dimension, and eventually the Green Ranger as well. The Rangers and Alpha are able to lock on to his Communicator and teleport him out of the Dark Dimension. With Zordon still lost and the Command Center still in shambles, the victory feels empty to the Rangers. Rita then summons Scorpina, a female warrior long buried in a cave, with the ability to transform into a monstrous scorpion when in giant mode.

Part 4

Goldar grows and attacks Angel Grove, and nearly eats Bulk and Skull. Meanwhile, the search for Zordon continues, but while the Rangers are out, the Green Ranger sneaks back into the Command Center and attempts to sabotage it again. Alpha is prepared this time, capturing him in a stasis shield briefly. Rita frees him, and uses her Magic Wand to make him grow. He joins Goldar and Scorpina in fighting the Megazord, as Rita casts a spell to eclipse the sun and cut off its solar power reserves. Though the Power Sword helps add a boost of energy, the Megazord falls to the trio. The Zords separate and scatter into a burning hole in the ground. The Rangers retreat in defeat, but learn from Alpha's re-encounter the true identity of the Green Ranger: Tommy Oliver.

Part 5

Kim confronts the evil Tommy in the Youth Center, but he informs her that she and the other Rangers will soon be destroyed. Utilizing his [[Dragon Dagger's flute mode, the Green Ranger summons the Green Dragonzord from Angel Grove Bay. It begins to rampage through the city, crushing and blowing up buildings. Zordon's transmission is re-established with this dimension. The Megazord is recovered and defeats the Dragonzord. The Green Ranger's Sword of Darkness is destroyed, freeing Tommy from the spell. He is disoriented, but recalls everything he did while being evil. The Rangers offer him a place among them, and he accepts. The Dragonzord forms with three of the Dinozords, creating the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. Zordon welcomes Tommy to the team, claiming the Sixth Ranger was prophesized.


Part 1

Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger, is gearing up for a karate match at a Martial Arts Expo at the Angel Grove Youth Center. His friends and fellow Power Rangers are on the sidelines to cheer him on. Despite their encouragement, Jason takes a look at his competitor, newcomer Tommy Oliver, and sees that he will have a huge challenge on his hands.

The match begins, and Jason opens a 2-1 lead on Tommy. Tommy then takes command, scoring three straight points to take a 4-2 lead. Jason recovers to tie the match at 4-4 as the final bell rings. The judge declares "no winner", and the match ends in a draw. As Jason and Tommy part ways, they express mutual respect for the other's skills.

As the Rangers part ways, Kimberly stays behind to get another glimpse of Tommy, whom she finds attractive. Trini suggests that Kim might see Tommy at school later on.

The next day at Angel Grove High School, Kim is at her locker between classes when the school bullies, Bulk and Skull, start harassing her. Tommy intervenes, demanding that the two leave her alone. They threaten to teach the newcomer a lesson, but Tommy intimidates them with some martial arts moves, and the duo make a hasty retreat. Impressed, Kim introduces herself to Tommy and invites him to join her for a study date at the Youth Center. Tommy agrees, much to Kim's delight.

Rita Repulsa has also taken a liking to Tommy. Awed by his martial arts skills, she decides to use him for her purposes. To test him, she sends a squad of Putties to ambush him in an alleyway as he is taking a shortcut to meet Kimberly at the Youth Center. Though caught off guard at first, Tommy manages to defeat the Putties with his karate skills and a trash can lid. Rita, pleased with Tommy's performance, teleports to Earth in a gust of wind and captures Tommy with her magic wand, taking him back to her palace on the moon. She coats his body with magical green wax and chants incantations to cast a powerful spell on him, brainwashing him into becoming her servant. When he arises from his bed of wax, his eyes are glowing green, and he asks in a monotone voice how he can serve "his empress". Rita assigns him to go to the Command Center and disable Zordon, and then go destroy the Power Rangers, identifying each Ranger by name. To accomplish his mission, she gives him a Sixth Power Coin - the Dragon Coin - and he morphs into the Green Ranger for the first time, dedicating himself "to the fall of Zordon and the destruction of the Power Rangers".

The Evil Green Ranger goes first to the Command Center, which he can enter since he has a Power Coin. He sneaks up behind Alpha 5, who was recharging his energies, and inserts a virus-infected CD-ROM into his disk drive, causing him to scream and convulse. Zordon, who was in a meditative state at the time of the Green Ranger's entry, demands that the intruder reveal himself. Tommy does so, boasting of his newly acquired powers. Zordon, knowing that the Green Ranger is Tommy, tries to tell him that he is under an evil spell and offers to save him, but Tommy rejects Zordon's offer. Then, despite Zordon's pleading, he begins ripping out the Command Center's control panels and wiring, severing communication with Zordon and causing him to disappear from his energy tube. With an evil laugh, Tommy declares his work to be done and departs the Command Center in a flash of green-and-yellow flame.

Elsewhere, the boys are waxing Billy's car, the RADBUG, when the girls arrive. Kim is in a bad mood, disappointed that Tommy failed to meet her at the Youth Center, and Zack speculates that something might have come up. At that moment, the Rangers' wrist communicators go off. They can barely make out Alpha's erratic, garbled voice before the communicators fizzle out. The teleportation mechanisms fail, leading the Rangers to surmise that something is wrong. They use the RADBUG to get to the Command Center, where they are horrified to see the place in a shambles, Zordon missing, and Alpha staggering around talking in a warped voice. Billy, correctly guessing that Alpha has a virus, succeeds in removing the CD-ROM, rendering him semi-operational. The Rangers demand to know who attacked the Command Center, but Alpha can tell them nothing, as the virus scrambled his memory banks.

Meanwhile, Rita, desiring to lure the Power Rangers into a trap, uses her magic wand to grow her top henchman, Goldar, to giant-size. The Power Rangers, seeing this in the Viewing Globe, morph into action to confront him. After a brief battle with some Putties, the Rangers summon their Dinozords, form the Megazord, and draw the Power Sword to battle Goldar. Suddenly, Goldar disappears, and the Green Ranger, who has been watching from below, leaps atop the Megazord, breaks into the cockpit, declares, "Long live Empress Rita!", and knocks the Rangers out of the cockpit to the ground below. Then, while Rita watches from her lunar palace with glee, he then leaps down to confront them and single-handedly deals all five Rangers a decisive defeat.

The Rangers retreat to the Command Center, stunned by the surprise attack from this "guy in a green costume" and plead with Alpha for answers, but Alpha can tell them nothing. Suddenly, Alpha lurches, falls forward and shuts down; the virus is still in his system. The Power Rangers slowly accept the reality that they will have to face this new challenge on their own without aid from Zordon, as Jason warns the others that they have gotten a taste of the Green Ranger's full power and have only made it through the first round of what will be a major battle.

At that moment, the Evil Green Ranger appears in the Viewing Globe, taunting the Power Rangers and vowing to destroy them all.

Part 2

As Jason surveys the damage in the Command Center, he wishes he could "get his hands on this Green Ranger dude". Billy and Trini set to work repairing Alpha, and Billy succeeds in eradicating the virus from Alpha's circuitry entirely, restoring the robot to full operational condition. Though the Rangers take delight in this small victory, Jason reminds them that they still have to find Zordon and solve the mystery of the Evil Green Ranger.

Meanwhile, Rita returns Tommy to the alleyway where she found him, telling him to remain on Earth until further notice and swearing him to secrecy regarding his identity as the Green Ranger. After Rita departs, Bulk and Skull enter the alleyway. On seeing Tommy, they decide to pay him back for humiliating them at school earlier in the day. They march up to him and demand an apology from him. Tommy glares at them with his eyes flashing green, striking fear into them. Tommy then shoots green sparks from his eyes at their feet, causing Bulk and Skull to run from him in terror and leap into a dumpster for safety. As Tommy stalks away, Skull wonders aloud what is wrong with him, with Bulk responding that he should have his eyes checked.

Jason, his pride hurt from the beating he took from the Evil Green Ranger, takes out his frustration on a punching bag at the Youth Center, while Zack tries to calm him down. Slowly it dawns on the two of them that it must have been the Green Ranger who totaled the Command Center and that he might be working for Rita. Meanwhile, Billy, Trini, and Alpha assess the damage to the Command Center's computers, and Billy says the repairs will take a great deal of time. At school, Kimberly approaches Tommy to ask him why he missed their study date and finds that Tommy has become cold and contemptuous toward her; he tells her that he does not need her to worry about him and that she is not the center of his universe. Repulsed by this change in Tommy's personality, Kim walks away, her feelings hurt, as Tommy looks on with an smirk and eyes glowing green.

Meanwhile, Rita has decided to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness. As Finster recounts, the Sword of Darkness was captured from Zordon and given to her as a prize of war. If given to the Green Ranger, the enchanted weapon will allow her to maintain her spell on him forever, so long as the Sword is not destroyed. Finster worries that Zordon knows of the Sword's power, but Rita is unconcerned since Zordon is not around to tell the Rangers about it. Goldar suggests that Tommy must earn the Sword of Darkness in a test against the Putties. Rita agrees and, at Squatt and Baboo's request, she and all her minions teleport to the beach outside Angel Grove to witness the test. Tommy answer's Rita's summons, and Goldar tells him to battle a squadron of Putties using only his karate skills; if he succeeds, he will be rewarded with the Sword of Darkness. Tommy begins his battle with the Putties. He struggles with them at first but soon begins to take them down one by one, much to Rita and Goldar's delight. When Tommy throws the last remaining Putty to the ground, Rita congratulates him and gives him the Sword of Darkness. He laughs in triumph and vows to use the Sword to destroy the Power Rangers, starting with the Red Ranger.

Tommy returns to Angel Grove High School, where Jason is looking for him. Jason tells Tommy he cannot work out with him after school due to "an emergency" and offers to reschedule. Tommy agrees, saying he understands, and Jason turns to leave. Suddenly Tommy pulls out his Power Coin and zaps Jason in the back with it, teleporting him to Rita's Dark Dimension. He is confronted by Goldar, who has stolen his Power Morpher, meaning Jason will have to face Goldar alone and without his powers. Jason struggles with Goldar, and the alien warrior has little trouble knocking him around.

Zack and Kimberly are waiting for Jason to go to the Command Center in the RADBUG. When Jason does not show up, Zack decides that they will have to go without him. On the way to the Command Center, Kimberly complains to Zack about Tommy's change in behavior. Zack tells her to forget about Tommy, saying they have bigger problems to worry about. Zack and Kim arrive at the Command Center to find that Billy, Trini, and Alpha have succeeded in repairing the main computer to the point where they can begin searching for Zordon. But the communicators are still down, and they are unable to make contact with Jason, who is still struggling to get his Morpher back from Goldar. The other four Rangers begin to worry about Jason.

The Green Ranger reappears in the Viewing Globe, practicing with the Sword of Darkness. Zack sees an opportunity to confront him and figure out what is going on. The other Rangers are uncomfortable attempting to do so without Jason, but Zack, as second-in-command of the team, makes the decision to confront the Green Ranger anyway. They morph into action and battle the Green Ranger again; but with their leader absent, and the Green Ranger armed with the Sword of Darkness, he dispatches them more easily than before. Desperate, the Rangers summon their Dinozords and assemble the Megazord. Undaunted, Tommy uses his Sword to hurl an energy blast at the Megazord, but the Megazord deflects it back at him with the Mammoth shield, forcing him to retreat. Rita is highly annoyed by this setback until Squatt and Baboo remind her that Jason is still trapped with Goldar in the Dark Dimension, lifting her spirits immediately. She orders Goldar to terminate Jason, but Goldar decides to toy with him some more before disposing of him.

Back at the Command Center, the Rangers are relieved to have survived this last encounter with the Green Ranger, with Zack noting that he was much stronger this time than in their first battle. Alpha manages to establish a brief and weak connection with Zordon, who tries to tell the Rangers that they must defeat Rita's Green Ranger. The computer cannot hold the signal, and Zordon fades away again, leaving Zack frustrated and Trini visibly upset.

At the Dark Dimension, Goldar knocks Jason on his back and decides to finish him off.

Part 3

Goldar has Jason at his mercy in the Dark Dimension and raises his sword to kill him; but as he swings his sword, Jason slips away and conceals himself in the dimension's mist. Goldar, irritated, takes his sword and starts striking it on the ground in the hopes of killing Jason. He misses Jason's head by mere inches as the Red Ranger struggles to survive, bathed in sweat and shaking in fear.

Meanwhile, Rita decides to bring more trouble to the Power Rangers by unearthing Scorpina, a warrior who has been concealed in a large boulder deep underground for ten thousand years. Rita is convinced that the combined power of Scorpina and the Green Ranger will make her plan unstoppable.

Back at the Command Center, the computer is unable to maintain the connection with Zordon, and he fades away once again. The Rangers' communicators are still not working, and they are unable to locate Jason. Zack and Kimberly split up to try and find him while Billy and Trini stay behind to work on fixing the communicators.

In the Dark Dimension, Goldar fruitlessly searches for Jason in the mist. Jason reveals himself and kicks the unwitting Goldar to the ground. Goldar, enraged at being outsmarted by a human being, renews the fight and knocks Jason on his back again.

Meanwhile, Kimberly goes to the Youth Center to ask Ernie, the owner of the establishment, if he has seen Jason. Ernie says that he has not. At that moment, Bulk and Skull step in and offer to help find Jason in exchange for kisses from Kimberly. To Ernie's surprise and disgust, Kim agrees, telling Skull to close his eyes. But as Skull leans in with his lips puckered up, Kimberly moves out of the way, and Skull kisses Bulk by accident. As Bulk angrily chases Skull from the Youth Center, Ernie promises to tell Jason to contact Kimberly if he sees him.

As Kimberly turns to leave, she runs into Tommy. She asks him if he has seen Jason. Tommy lies to her, telling her he waited to meet Jason after school, but he never showed. He then mocks Kimberly for being worried about him. Kimberly stares at him wondering where all his hatred and contempt is coming from. Tommy leaves and Zack enters, having had no luck looking for Jason at Angel Grove High School. Kimberly tells Zack about what Tommy said and suggests that Zack talk to Tommy about Jason, supposing that Tommy would take Zack more seriously than he is taking Kim. The two go off after Tommy, but Goldar, who is still battling Jason in the Dark Dimension, senses that Kim and Zack are onto something and alerts Rita. Using her telescope, she spots the Pink and Black Rangers pursuing after her Green Ranger. Determined to keep them from finding the truth, she sends a squad of Putties to intercept them. Zack and Kim manage to beat the Putties, but not before Tommy disappears. Kimberly notes that the Putties did not attack Tommy, and she and Zack return to the Command Center.

After they leave, Rita summons Tommy to the Dark Dimension, where he appears as the Green Ranger. He tells Goldar that Rita has sent him to replace Goldar as Jason's executioner. Goldar disappears, and the Evil Green Ranger confronts Jason. The two exchange words before fighting each other for a few minutes. The Green Ranger compliments Jason as being "a skilled warrior". Jason denounces his enemy as not being a true Ranger since he fights for Rita and not Zordon, but the Green Ranger dismisses Zordon as a memory. They resume their fight. The Green Ranger kicks Jason to the ground. Jason sees his Morpher and reaches for it, but before he can use it, the Green Ranger steps on his arm, pinning him the ground.

Back at the Command Center, Zack and Kimberly lament their failure to find Jason, but Billy announces to them and Trini that he has successfully repaired the communicators and teleportation devices, and can now search for Jason and bring him back.

In the Dark Dimension, Tommy is gloating over his victory over Jason, waving the Sword of Darkness over his head. He then tells Jason it is time to pay the price of defeat; but before he can strike the final blow with the Sword of Darkness, Billy, who has locked onto Jason's coordinates, teleports him out of the Dark Dimension and back to the Command Center. Jason is relieved to be back but is badly shaken by his brush with death at the hands of the Evil Green Ranger and begins telling his friends what happened.

Goldar appears to Tommy in a hologram, reprimanding him for allowing Jason to escape. Tommy protests that Jason was teleported out, but Goldar refuses to listen to any excuses, saying that Rita should have allowed him to do the job. The Green Ranger pleads for another chance. Goldar tells him he may yet get another chance, but for the time being he must remain in the Dark Dimension.

Jason relates his experience, including meeting Tommy to tell him he could not work out with him after school; this leads the Rangers to realize that Tommy lied when he said that he waited for Jason after school but never saw him. Despite this, they make no connection between Tommy and the Green Ranger. Jason can only tell them that the Green Ranger is a fierce fighter.

Back at Rita's palace, Scorpina has finally arrived, to the delight of Rita and Goldar. Rita sends Scorpina to Earth to attack Angel Grove's warehouse district, setting off the alarm in the Command Center. Alpha is horrified at the sight of Scorpina and warns the Rangers to beware of her sting. The Rangers morph into action to confront her and the Putties. Scorpina gains the upper hand, but at Goldar's insistence Rita recalls her, much to Scorpina's annoyance. All the minions begin arguing over who should lead the all-out assault on Angel Grove that Rita is devising, but Rita quiets them and decides that Goldar will begin the battle. Rita reveals her plan to cast a spell that will cause a solar eclipse and drain the Megazord of its solar power.

The Rangers return to the Command Center, confused as to why Rita keeps attacking only to pull back. Alpha makes another attempt to re-establish contact with Zordon, but the computer still cannot hold his signal. Rita sends Goldar to Angel Grove and uses her wand to grow Goldar to giant size. Goldar launches an all-out assault on Angel Grove, while the Rangers watch with horror on the Viewing Globe. Billy fears that this may be a trap, but Jason tells him that they do not have a choice; they have to defend their city.

Part 4

Realizing they have no choice but to fight again, the Rangers draw their Morphers. But when they attempt to morph, sparks fly, and the Command Center blacks out. The beam Alpha used to look for Zordon caused an interdimensional power surge, shutting down all sources of power, including the Morphing Grid; and there is nothing Alpha can do until the power surge ends. Meanwhile, Tommy practices his swordplay in the Dark Dimension, training for the battle against the Power Rangers.

As Goldar continues his rampage through Angel Grove, Ernie evacuates the Youth Center. Bulk and Skull flee the building, but on seeing the Youth Center bus, they decide that they have a better chance of escaping by driving away in it. The duo hop into the bus, with Skull taking the driver's seat, and they speed away in the bus.

At the Command Center, Billy gets an idea; he begins reconnecting electrodes in one of the computers, and successfully restores the Command Center to full power. The Rangers' Morphers are once again functional, and they morph into action and head for town. There, they are confronted by a squadron of Putties, and Scorpina, who overwhelms them with the sting of her crescent-shaped boomerang/saber. Rita appears to the Rangers in the sky, demanding their surrender; Jason flatly refuses. In response, giant Goldar grabs the Youth Center bus carrying Bulk and Skull and, at Rita's orders, takes it to the beach.

The Rangers chase after Goldar, who has put the bus on a cliff, with Squatt, Baboo, and the Putties pushing it toward the edge, while Bulk and Skull are helplessly trapped inside. The Rangers finally summon their Dinozords and form the Megazord. Just as the bus is pushed over the edge, the Megazord catches it and puts it back on the cliff in safely. Inside, Bulk and Skull, on realizing that they survived the ordeal, celebrate jubilantly.

At the Command Center, Alpha has finally locked onto Zordon's signal and begins the process of fully re-establishing contact with him. In response, Rita sends the Evil Green Ranger back to the Command Center to get rid of Zordon for good. He sneaks up behind Alpha and pulls the plug on him, deactivating him. The Green Ranger exchanges words with the partially restored Zordon before vowing to send him to another dimension where he'll be lost forever. He begins pressing buttons on the Command Center control panel, undoing all of Alpha's work. But before the Green Ranger can leave, Alpha's backup system kicks in, reactivating him. Alpha captures the Green Ranger in a force-field. Caught by surprise and angered, the Green Ranger vows to make him pay. Alpha tries in vain to re-establish the connection with Zordon, but Zordon fades away again. Green Ranger taunts Alpha for his failure, and Alpha determines to find out who is behind the mask.

The Megazord battles with Goldar on the beach. Suddenly, Rita's solar eclipse begins, and the Megazord begins to lose power. Despite this, the Megazord manages to gain the upper hand on Goldar, knocking him to the ground. On seeing this, Rita sends Scorpina into battle and grows her into a giant, hideous Scorpion Monster. The Megazord is severely weakened by the combined power of Goldar and Scorpina and the loss of its solar energy. Goldar kicks the Megazord to the ground as the eclipse reaches its zenith. Jason calls on the Power Sword for an energy boost, and the Megazord gets back on its feet and reclaims the advantage on Goldar and Scorpina. Determined not to lose the fight, Rita uses a spell to free Green Ranger from the Command Center force-field (much to Alpha's consternation), grows him to giant size, and sends him to battle the Megazord as well! The Power Rangers are in big trouble; the Megazord is surrounded by Goldar, Scorpina and the Evil Green Ranger, and doesn't have enough power to finish the fight. Scorpina further weakens the Megazord by wrapping her stinging tail around its head and electrocuting it. Goldar and the Green Ranger then combine their swords to fire a blast of energy at the Megazord, dealing it a crippling blow. The Megazord is rocked by a series of explosions, ejecting the Power Rangers from its cockpit and throwing them to the ground below, where they involuntarily de-morph. A massive hole opens in the Earth, and the Megazord's powerless body falls into the fiery hole. The Rangers can only watch in shock and horror as their Zords are consumed by lava, while Rita cackles with delight at her triumph.

Back at the Command Center, morale hits an all-time low, as Zack, Billy and the girls are ready to give up. Jason and Alpha try to convince them to carry on the fight; but with the Zords gone and the chances of finding Zordon at less than ten percent, the other four Rangers see no reason for hope. However, at that moment, the computer beeps with important information. When the Green Ranger was caught in the force-field, the computer locked on to his interspatial bio-vibration signals and found his identity. The Rangers turn to the Viewing Globe for the answer and are aghast with the revelation that their nemesis is, in fact, Tommy.

Part 5

Dragonzord debut

Upon discovering that Tommy is the Evil Green Ranger, the Power Rangers are in shock and denial, convinced that the computer is in error due to having been under repair. But Billy tells them that it isn't likely since all the malfunctions had been corrected. Alpha surmises that Tommy must be under one of Rita's mind-control spells, and Jason convinces the other Rangers to stay in the fight and go save Tommy.

The Rangers split up to find him. Kimberly goes to the Youth Center, where Ernie, Bulk and Skull are watching television news reports of the damage Goldar did to Angel Grove's financial district. Ernie expresses gratitude that the Power Rangers were able to save the day, but Bulk and Skull insist that they should get the credit for scaring off Goldar (who Bulk refers to as "that big ugly gold guy") and that they should be on TV. Kimberly shuts them up by telling them to dream on. She then asks Ernie if he has seen Tommy, and he points him out; he is working out on the gym equipment.

Kimberly approaches Tommy cautiously and tells him she knows that he is the Green Ranger. She is shocked when he addresses her as "Pink Ranger" and tells her that she and all other Power Rangers will soon be destroyed. Kimberly implores Tommy to let them help break Rita's spell, but Tommy refuses, tells her that Rita is his empress, and stalks off, repeating his warning with eyes glowing green.

Meanwhile, Rita and her other minions are celebrating their victory over the Megazord in their palace on the moon. Rita decides to begin the final stage of the Power Rangers' defeat by summoning the Dragonzord, dormant in the sea for ten thousand years. She gives the Dragonzord to Tommy, and a Dragon Dagger to control it. Playing the Dagger like a flute, the Green Ranger begins using Dragonzord to inflict damage to Angel Grove's financial district.

Kimberly regroups with the boys and tells them about her encounter with Tommy. Their suspicions have been proven correct; he is the Green Ranger, and he is under Rita's spell. At that moment, Trini bursts in, breathless; she has heard emergency reports on the radio about "a monster attacking the financial district". The Rangers morph and head for downtown Angel Grove. They try to convince Tommy that he does not know what he's doing, but to no avail. Tommy turns the wrath of the Dragonzord on the Rangers, who are powerless to stop them without their own Zords.

At the Command Center, Alpha figures out a way to restore the connection with Zordon. He finally succeeds, and Zordon returns, telling Alpha to bring back the fallen Zords and have the Rangers destroy the Green Ranger's Sword of Darkness in order to free Tommy from Rita's spell.

As the Power Rangers struggle to survive the Dragonzord's rampage, their Power Coins start glowing, and they realize Zordon is back. An earthquake begins, and a massive hole opens in the earth once again. The Dinozords, restored to full power, re-emerge, and Zordon teleports the Power Rangers to their Zords' cockpits. Rita, seeing the sight from her lunar palace, can only scream in frustration that her advantage was gone.

Jason uses the Tyrannosaurus to confront Dragonzord. The two Zords fight a ferocious battle until Tyrannosaurus leaps into the air and kicks Dragonzord to the ground. With Dragonzord weakened, the Rangers combine their Zords into the Megazord. The Megazord, now at full power and armed with the Power Sword, overwhelms the Dragonzord and hurls it into a mountainside, disabling it. Nonetheless, Tommy refuses to surrender, so Jason leaps from the Megazord cockpit to confront him on the ground.

Jason vs. Tommy.

The Red Ranger, armed with his Power Sword and Blade Blaster, battles the Green Ranger, armed with the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness. Tommy uses the Dragon Dagger to activate his Dragon Shield, deflecting Jason's attacks back at him. Tommy gains the upper hand on Jason by firing energy blasts at him with the Sword of Darkness. But just as it appears that the Green Ranger will finally destroy the Red Ranger, Jason powers up his Power Sword and hurls it at Tommy, knocking the Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness from his hands with such force that Tommy is thrown on his back. Jason then draws his Blade Blaster and declares, "It's all over, Tommy!", and shoots and destroys the Sword of Darkness. Rita's spell is broken, and Tommy involuntarily demorphs as the fiery green aura that had enveloped him since being brainwashed leaves his body.

The other Rangers join Jason and also demorph, overjoyed at Jason's victory. Jason hurries to Tommy's side to help him to his feet. Tommy is dizzy and disoriented, but restored to his right mind. He recalls all that he did under Rita's power and is sick with remorse and shame. Jason convinces him that it wasn't his fault; Rita used him. He tells him he can use the Green Ranger powers for good by fighting alongside them. Tommy is reluctant at first because of everything that happened, but, after some prodding from the others, he accepts Jason's offer to join the team, and they shake hands in friendship.

From the Command Center, Alpha and Zordon watch on the Viewing Globe, and Zordon tells a jubilant Alpha that he is watching history in the making as an ancient prophecy of the Sixth Ranger joining the team is finally fulfilled. The six Rangers morph once again and rededicate themselves to fighting Rita's evil. Zordon contacts them and tells Tommy to use the Dragon Dagger to give life to the Dragonzord. The Dragonzord gets back on its feet and combines with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger Dinozords to create a new Zord combination, Dragonzord in Fighting Mode (a.k.a. Dragonzord in Battle Mode, or, erroneously, Mega Dragonzord).

Back on the moon, Rita is enraged that the Power Rangers defeated her once again after everything was going her way. Goldar promises to avenge her and make Zordon and the Power Rangers pay for unraveling her plans.

The six Rangers return to the Command Center, where Zordon praises the original five for not giving up despite the odds being against them. He also praises Alpha for the leadership he displayed in his absence. Finally, Zordon officially welcomes Tommy to the team as a true Power Ranger and gives him the three rules he must follow to remain under the protection of the Power. Tommy consents to the rules enthusiastically. Billy presents Tommy with his own wrist communicator, and Zordon declares the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Power Rangers. The miniseries concludes with all six Rangers huddling together for a team cheer.


Home video releases

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Complete Series was first released by Shout! Factory on November 20, 2012 and re-released on October 18, 2016.
    • The Green With Evil arc was also released as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Green With Evil by Shout! Factory on September 23, 2014.

Earlier, in 1994, Green With Evil was released on five individual videotapes.


  • In Part I, when Tommy sat up from the platform in the preparation chamber after being abducted by Rita, he appeared to be wearing the Green Ranger suit without a helmet. Soon afterward, however, he was still in civilian clothes.
  • When the Rangers were fighting Goldar in Part I, the Power Sword flipped between shots - it flew down from the sky point-down, but it was point-up when the Megazord caught it.
  • In Part I, the Rad Bug disappears from the Command Center upon the Rangers exiting it.
  • In Part I, when Tommy enters the Command Center, his Power Coin is visibly missing from his Morpher.
  • In Part I, the reversion the audio of Tommy saying “Long live Empress Rita” is muted.
  • In Part II, when Goldar says “first give him the Sword of Darkness”, he is clearly against a wall but the next shot where Rita says "excellent idea", he is behind her and staring into space.
  • In Part II, when Rita teleports Tommy to another part of the beach to battle the Putties, additional footprints appear along with Tommy due to there being additional crew members present in the scene.
  • In Part II, when Squatt asks Rita "Really?" with Rita saying "Yes!", Squatt is seen standing behind her in the background even though the following shot clearly shows him next to Baboo while on the opposite side of the room.
  • In Part III, when the Rangers are watching Scorpina attacking the warehouse in the Viewing Globe, the unmorphed Rangers are the Zyurangers getting blasted.
  • In Part IV, when Goldar picks up the bus, the bus is driving on the left side rather than on the right side.
  • In Part IV, the chest guard on the Green Ranger outfit is noticeably different during scenes taking place in the Command Center.
  • In Part IV, when the Zords scatter into pieces and fall into the hole filled with fire, the Zyurangers can be seen on the bottom-left of the screen as they see the Megazord fall, however their faces would not be shown.
  • In Part V, the TV news footage had got a shot of Rita in her palace.
  • In Part V, when Tommy shouts "No way!" after Jason demands his surrender from the Megazord, Tommy's voice is clearly not Jason David Frank's.
  • In Part V, the rocky ground that Jason and Tommy were fighting on changed to sandy ground upon the switch to American footage.
  • In Part V, shortly before all six Rangers morph, Billy and Trini are wearing different clothes than before. When the Rangers return to the Command Center they are back to wearing their second set of clothes.
  • In Part V, Zack enthusiastically tells Jason, "You destroyed the Power Sword! Rita's spell is broken!". Jason destroyed the Sword of Darkness, the Power Sword is his own weapon.


  • The original draft script title for the third part was "Desperately Seeking Scorpina".
  • This is the first multi-part episode.
  • In Part I, when Rita shrieks at Tommy about him becoming her new Ranger, the shot was American-made with Rita in shadow. Production could not get Machiko Soga in America so had an uncredited actress play her. The actress clearly is not Soga but is not noticeable unless the scene is paused.
  • This episode introduced the concept of additional Rangers joining the team mid-series.
  • This is the first appearance of a Green Ranger in the franchise.
  • This is the first appearance of Scorpina.
  • This is the first episode in the franchise to introduce a new Power Ranger.
  • In Part I of the 2010 Disney/ABC reversion, during Jason and Tommy's match, 3 words appear during their fight in Japanese. The first, ソーレ (sōre), is translated incorrectly as "whoosh". The second フリップ (furippu), is translated correctly as "flip", and the last "boom" is incorrectly written in Japanese as プーム (pūmu). It should be ブーム (būmu).
  • In Part I of the 2010 reversion, when the Green Ranger entered the Megazord cockpit, the line "Long live Empress Rita" was cut due to the freeze-frame, but in the Nickelodeon reversion, that line is added back in and it is accompanied by a reddish-green glow on the evil Green Ranger.[Citation needed]
  • Part IV marks the first time a Ranger grows.
  • Part II marks the first time that a Ranger does not appear morphed in an episode. Part IV marks the first time that a Ranger is seen demorphing as well as the first time a Ranger is forced out of morph.
  • The clips of the Rangers doing their poses before the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode is seen are later used when the Rangers summon the Thunderzords.
  • A deleted scene of Jason getting beat up by Goldar in the Dark Dimension was used in Crystal of Nightmares.
  • Part I is the last episode to have the original Season 1 intro, which started with Day of the Dumpster. Part II is the first episode to have the Season 1 intro with Tommy as the Green Ranger.
  • In Part II, a building behind Bulk and Skull has the logo TWA. TWA is a now defunct airline company.
  • Part II is the first time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when the Megazord makes use of the Mammoth Shield.
  • In Part IV, the scene where Bulk finishes eating his ice cream while the Youth Center collapses is cut in the reversion, and instead the scene cuts straight to where he and Skull drive away in the bus.
  • In Part V, the only instance in the original series of the team powering down voluntarily occurs on camera, as opposed to it being due to power loss or equipment damage; Rangers demorphing onscreen after a battle would become very commonplace later.
  • The demorphing shot would later be shown in reverse for ads for the reversion Mighty Morphin' episodes to represent the Rangers morphing.

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