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Green Courage is the twenty-fourth episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


When the Scorpion Stinger needs repair to get out of the path of a meteor storm, Trakeena kidnaps Renier and demands that Terra Venture send its best mechanic in exchange for her. Damon Henderson, Leo, and Mike go. Damon fixes the spacecraft in the nick of time and Leo frees Renier. Trakeena sends the Cannonbrawl monster to destroy the Rangers, who defeat him.


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  • In the intro, Mike did appear but he was uncredited.


  • Valerie Vernon begins a five-episode absence with this episode, due to her falling ill with leukemia in the middle of production. Up until "The Chameliac Warrior", Kendrix will either not appear unmorphed in an episode (as is the case for this episode) or will be played by an uncredited stand-in.
  • When showing the grime Damon left on the paper he gave back to High Councilor Reiner, the coordinates to the planet Gallifrey from the popular Doctor Who series can be seen on the paper.
  • After seeing Leo aboard the Heliship, Damon comments "once a stowaway, always a stowaway." This refers to the events of "Quasar Quest, Part 1" where Leo stowed away aboard Terra Venture. Leo later identifies himself as a stowaway to High Councilor Renier.
  • The Scorpion Stinger is shown to have an organic heart.
  • Damon states "I'm a mechanic, not a doctor." This is likely a reference to Doctor Leonard McCoy's famous line on Star Trek, "I'm a doctor, not a..."
  • This is the first episode that the Stratoforce Megazord's combination sequence was shown.

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