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"Looking for me? I'm here to ruin your Christmas!"
―Gred's first words to the Samurai Rangers.[src]

"Someone just made my naughty list!"
―Gred when turning into a Mega-Monster.

"Oh crud!"
―Gred's final words before his destruction.[src]

Gred was a Christmas present-themed humbug of a Nighlok in the Power Rangers Super Samurai Christmas special. He serves as the main antagonist of this episode.


Gred was sent by Xandred to attack Earth. He arrived at Earth and attacked Panorama City. He encountered Samurai Rangers. Gred was able to use special double attacks with green and red lasers shot from his eyes and a special cross-slash with his dual swords. Gred was first taken down by the Five-Disc Beetle Cannon and then by the Battlewing Megazord, just before the Megazord shuts down and traps the Rangers inside. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stuck on Christmas


Gred was a cunning, deceptive, trixie-like, and mischievous Nighlok. Despite being a villain, he had a comical side and was actually a comic character. Considering his Christmas theme, he used Christmas tricks against the Samurai Rangers. He is also loyal to Xandred.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Lasers: Gred can fire red and green lasers from his eyes.
  • Self-Growth: Gred can make himself grow giant whenever he is destroyed.


  • Strength: Gred possessed physical strength to fight the Rangers.
  • Agility: He is also agile in battle.
  • Speech: Gred is able to talk despite lacking a visible mouth.


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  • Double Sword: Gred wields a sword in battle which he can split into two.
    • Double Slash: Gred can fire red and green double energy slashes from his swords in battle.

Behind the Scenes



Gred is a Nighlok with the face of an apple, the eyes of a Christmas light and a Christmas ornament, the green torso half of a pepper, the right thigh of a forest, and the right torso and right thigh of a red human.


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