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"I'm overflowing with sushi power!"
―Great Sushi World's first words upon being created.[src]

"What have you done to my fine sushi establishment?! Don't you mock me?!"
―Great Sushi World after Kaito destroyed his "sushi bar."[src]

"We're closed! All out, sushi!"
―Great Sushi World's final words before his death.[src]

Great Sushi World (ダイスシワルド Dai Sushi Warudo, 5) was a sushi-based Great World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo created from the Sushi Tojiru Gear that contains Sushitopia.

Character History

Though the Zenkaigers slay Sushi World with the Zenkai Finish Buster, his Tojiru Gear survives his explosion which allows Barashitara to summon a Kudaitest to step on it and become Great Sushi World. Immediately upon his creation, Great Sushi World covers the quarry in massive conveyer belt lines to fuel his attacks. As the Zenkaigers transform into their giant forms, Great Sushi World crumples up their transformation sequence into sushi rolls which traps them as tiny useless objects. Although Kaito (the only Zenkaiger left since he does not have his own mecha yet) is initially allured by the sushi, he demands his friends back. Great Sushi World obliges, but instead throws a variety of sushi themed bombs before speeding up the conveyor belt. Kaito uses the Ryusoulger Sentai Gear to summon a Ryusoul Ken which he uses to obliterate Great Sushi World's "restaurant" and free the others. As Great Sushi World is horrified by the destruction, the Zenkaigers form JuraGaon and VrooMagine. Enraged, Great Sushi World leaps into battle armed with two signs as weapons and proves very effective with them until they double team and stab him back. Great Sushi World then unleashes his Wasabeam on the Zenkaqigers but they walk through the explosions and combine the Vroon Picker Accel Strike and Full Moon Crash into the Great Zenkai Finish which finishes off Great Sushi World. All the Great World can do is announce that his shop is closing before falling on his back and exploding. With Great Sushi World's death, Sushitopia is restored to the multi-verse. Tvicon.png TV STORY- No. 5-kai! A Sushi Tournament!

Great Sushi World is one of 4 Great Worlds resurrected by Great Recycle World as a part of his own Sentai Team. Taking immediate action, the Great Worlds overpower and evict the Zenkaigers from the city. When the World Pirates arrive however, the resurrected Great World is slain once more by TwokaiOh Ricky. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 13-kai! Recycling Once Again!


Like his World counterpart, Great Sushi World was obsessed with sushi and all things associated with it to the point of obsession and repeatedly acting like a sushi chef. Also like his World counterpart, Great Sushi World was shown to be quite sadistic as he sped up the trapped Zenkaiger's conveyor belt for no other reason than to make them suffer.



The original form of the Great World

Great Sushi World

By using the Sushi Tojiru Gear, it changes into Great Sushi World (ダイスシワルド Daisushiwarudo)

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon his creation, Great Sushi World could alter the world in its own image. This manifested as a area completely filled with massive conveyor belts similar to those found in a sushi place.
  • Conveyor Belt Creation: Great Sushi World could create a conveyor belt to store its sushi and weapons.
    • Super Speed: Great Sushi World could increase the conveyor belt's speed at will by swinging his arms about to torture his enemies.
  • Fourth Wall Breaking-In order to shrink the transforming Zenkaigers, Great Sushi World had to literally rip the transformation sequence off of the TV screen.
    • Shrinking-Great Sushi World was able to crumple up his enemies into tiny sushi rolls like his World counterpart but thier size would be significantly decreased and they would be unable to move.
  • Rice Creation: Great Sushi World was able to create rice to stick to his victims.
  • Wasabeam (わさびーム Wasabīmu): From the sauce bottle hidden on its head, the Great Sushi World could fire a green energy beam. This caused massive explosions around JuraGaon and VrooMagine but failed to so much as scratch them.


  • Leap: The Great Sushi World can leap at over long distance.


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  • Sushi Plate Gauntlets: Great Sushi World had sushi plate-style gauntlets on each arm to block attacks.
  • Sashimono (指物): Great Sushi World could wield two sashimono flags to use in combat.
  • Sushi and Seaweed Bombs: Great Sushi World had sushi and seaweed-style bombs to throw at its opponents.

Behind the Scenes



  • Great Sushi World was designed around a wasabi bar and a mini-fridge


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