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"You did win, right? I mean you're still here to tell the story."
"It wasn't the kind of victory you celebrate..."
Amelia and Zayto[src]

The Great Sporix Wars, or otherwise known as Great Sporix Battle was an intergalactic conflict that occurred 65 million years ago when the Sporix were unleashed on the planet Rafkon and hatched into ferocious beasts. The conflict had ultimately ended on the planet Earth, with the creation of the Dino Fury Rangers by the Morphin Masters.



65 million years ago, the people of Rafkon had anticipated that a great evil would descend upon their planet. To counterattack them, the military council agreed to create the Sporix Beasts as a means to fight against them. However, Aiyon, a Knight of Rafkon, had discovered that doing so would be a horrible idea as the Sporix were erratic and uncontrollable. He attempted to warn his superior and best friend Zayto, but his pleas fell on deaf ears as he and the council authorized the unleashing of the Sporix.

The War

The machine that held the Sporix was activated and the Sporix materialized into ferocious beasts across the planet. However, instead of helping the Knights, they began to wreak havoc across the lands, causing Zayto to lead the Knights in order to fix their mistake. Despite their best efforts, many of the Knights fell in battle, and the planet was ruined with a few survivors remaining.

The Sporix's lust for destruction wasn't satisfied and they left Rafkon in order to attack another place, arriving at planet Earth. The Knights followed them and the battle continued. Zayto and his knights were determined to eliminate the Sporix and fought alongside the dinosaurs, but the Sporix grew more powerful with each battle until they started to grow giant.

When all seemed lost, the Legendary Morphin Masters arrived on Earth to help the noble heroes, granting them the powers of the Morphin Grid and bonding the knights with the spirits of the dinosaurs. Named the Dino Fury Power Rangers, they were given mighty powers to save Earth; eventually they wiped out the Sporix and won the war.


Though the Rangers had secured a monumental victory in their war against the Sporix, another catastrophic event would occur and disallow them from celebrating, the dinosaur extinction event. As the meteorite came crashing down on Earth, it split and began hitting their Megazord. On Zayto's orders, both him and Aiyon were able to eject to safety, while the Blue, Green, Black, and Pink Rangers were seemingly killed on that day along with the apparent destruction of their Megazord.

Solon later found Zayto's pod and the rest of the Sporix, where she would lock everything up underground in Dinohenge to prevent another Sporix War. Aiyon's pod was plunged into a nearby river where he would stay in suspended stasis for the next 65 million years.

Known Individuals Involved


  • Though not officially named yet in the series, Simon Bennett, mentioned the name on an interview.[1]
    • It would later be officially named in the series as the Great Sporix Battle, which is spoken by Zayto in Ancient History.
  • The great evil that necessitated Rafkon's creation of the Sporix in the first place is currently not known.