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The Great Seal (大封印 Daifuin) is a specific point on Earth where a massive seal of the Hundred Boma Tribes exists. The seal consists of the most powerful of fairy magic similar to that used to seal all the Boma prior to their release in the modern conflict. Beneath the seal is the 108 Boma Beast Pack, a powerful collection of Boma whose release alone would be enough to instantly destroy the Earth.

The Great Seal is a key element in the final battle between the Turborangers and Neo-Lagorn, who wishes to undo the seal in order to release the 108 Boma Beast Pack for rampage and destruction. After using Zulten to find and release Sealing Bōma, he uses the Boma Beast to search for the point of the seal, which is ultimately revealed to be at the location where Doctor Dazai built the massive Turbobuilder base. Despite Sealing Boma being killed by the traitorous Dragras, the key for releasing the seal sinks into the ground, preparing for its release.

With the seal preparing to open, the Turboranger invade Boma Castle in order to stop Neo-Lagorn, ultimately defeating him with the help of Wandering Boma Yamimaru to prevent his scheme. But as a final failsafe, Neo-Lagorn forces Boma Castle to plunge right towards Turbobuilder, with the impact potentially to be enough to release the Great Seal and release the Boma onslaught. After finally convincing Yamimaru to abandon his desires for proving himself by his friends and allies, the Turborangers use Super Turbobuilder to destroy Boma Castle, which stops the seal from being released and annihilates all remaining Boma.Ep. 49: Beautiful Kirika-Final Ep.: Graduation of Youth

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