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Great Scientist Zaien (大科学者ザイエン Daikagakusha Zaien) is one of Space Empire Zangyack's top scientists.


A scientist in the employment of the Zangyack, he was a specialist at modifications, using his abilities to turn beings into cybernetic beings with no memories or concept of their former life or identity, save for their skills. Once complete, their transformations were irreversible.

Zaien was the one who originally performed the operation that turned Sid Bamick, Joe Gibken's friend, into the deadly Zangyack cyborg Barizorg. His plan to assist the Zangyack with their conquest was to capture the greatest athletes of Earth and modify them into similar cyborgs, creating an army that would crush the Earth forces.

Though capturing several athletes, his attempt to capture a boxer was stopped by Joe, Ahim de Famille, and a depowered Joh Ohara. The entire plan was completely stopped by the entire Gokaiger team, then by Joe taking him out with Sid's specialty move. After grown by the rival scientist Insarn, he is first attacked with the Greater Power of the Liveman, and brought down by Hurricane Gokai-Oh.



concept art

  • Height - 195cm (Giant form - 48.8m)
  • Weight - 139kg (Giant form - 347.5t)


  • The voice actor for Zaien is Joji Nakata, who played the main Liveman villain Great Professor Bias. This is particularly notable given his episode is a Liveman tribute.
  • His name is a pun on "science"
  • His motifs are the ones of a brain and of a jellyfish. His appearance is also based on Great Professor Bias.
  • He greatly resembles Jinzo from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.
  • His appearance indicates that he may also be a cyborg himself.
  • He is one of many Action Commanders not adapted for Power Rangers Super Megaforce, due to Nickelodeon's 22 episode limit.
    • He is also the antagonist of an episode that is a tribute to Liveman, which wasn't adapted due to them adapting Zyuranger first.


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