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Agito Bōma (アギトボーマ Agito Bōma, 7) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who serves Dark Boma Zimba

Character History

Great Jaw Boma was a Boma personally raised by Zimba out of his own grudge regarding love, made to eat those with loving hearts and absorb it within itself. However, it also had a major weakness of cherry blossoms, weakening and falling asleep when hit by the scent of cherries; this forced it to previously be sealed within a shrine beneath a cherry tree. When Zimba unseals it, it reawakens in a weakened state until it starts eating loving couples, restoring its power and making it viable for usage again. Riki becomes involved in dealing with Great Jaw Boma after it eats the girlfriend of a friend of his, capturing her and getting him hurt in trying to rescue her. In order to deal with it, Riki disguises himself as the boyfriend and becomes absorbed, allowing him to release a gym bag filled with cherry blossoms to force the Boma Beast to sleep and to release all of the captives. The Turboranger then make quick work of it, with the team attacking it and destroying it with Plasma Shoot, then easily stopping it with Turbo Robo after Zimba grows it.



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It possesses a massive reptilian jaw which it uses to clamp down and bite those it attacks, while having a smaller snake-like protrusion that fires spikes as an offensive attacks. Its main ability is the ability to absorb people with love in their hearts, "eating" them and absorbing them in their body within a 24 hour period.

Behind the Scenes


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