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Great Boma Emperor Lagorn (大暴魔帝王ラゴーン Dai Bōma Teiō Ragōn) is the absolute dictator of the Hundred Boma Tribes and the main antagonist of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.

Character History

The demonic-looking leader of all of the Hundred Boma Tribes, he became sealed within Boma Castle 20,000 years in the past in a final move by Saint Beast Lakia to bring an end of the war between the Boma, humanity and the fairies. Although the seal was strong when Lagorn and Boma Castle were sealed away, the wear of Earth over the past 20,000 years and the loss of the power of the fairies due to factors such as failure of belief and humanity's pollution of the planet, allowed for the seal to weaken alongside all other Boma seals. With the power of the main Boma generalship of Boma Doctor Lehda, Princess Boma Jarmin and Dark Boma Zimba and the Boma forces available, Lakia becomes defeated and Lagorn becomes unsealed with Boma Castle, hoping to pick up right where the Boma left off in conquering Earth.Ep. 3: Boma Castle! The 20,000-Year Curse

Lagorn ruled with an iron fist, controlling all forces within the castle but tormenting those near him with his six arms that emerge from his back supporter alongside his throne. He tended to take any ideas regarding the Boma conquest of Earth, but had a short temper and a hatred of failure, punishing any of his warriors who failed with his arms. When the Boma generals ultimately fail him too often, he forces them to perform final do-or-die tactics in order to defeat his enemies and conquer Earth, ultimately leading to the deaths of Zimba, Jarmin and Lehda.Ep. 28: Robo Fusion Failure-Ep. 30: The End of Lehda

While having problems with several alternate factions of the Boma, Lagorn's greatest dread among his own people were the "Wandering Boma", beings born of a human and Boma possessing the appearance of one and power of the other. Due to this human side, Lagorn tended to persecute and consider the Wandering Boma as not true Boma, as he and his warriors had done to the prominent warrior Yamimaru in the past. When Yamimaru emerged in modern times to have his own take on the Turboranger, the hatred remained mutual: Lagorn did not want him to interfere, while Yamimaru wanted Lagorn to fall just as much as he wanted to defeat the Turboranger seeing him as just as much part of the problem. However after his main generals fell, Lagorn had no choice but to induct Yamimaru and the later awakened Wandering Boma Kirika into his ranks to assist in Earth's conquest. However the mistrust between the tribes remained due to the Boma's continued hatred of the human-looking Boma, making the Wandering Boma believe the only way for the tribes is a way with Lagorn eliminated.Ep. 14: He's Here! The Wandering Exchange StudentEp. 32: The Big Demonic Mystery Bird!Ep. 34: Zulten's Sneaky TrickEp. 38: The Painting of Hell That Devours People

In a stunning turn of events, Yamimaru and Kirika abduct Riki Honoo (Red Turbo) and send him to Boma Castle to fight Lagorn one-on-one, with the belief that one, if not both, of them will die and the other will be dealt with in due time. With no other choice but to fight, Red Turbo and Lagorn face each other in a showdown, with Riki ultimately stabbing Lagorn with the GT Sword and appearing to defeat him. However, the Boma Leader becomes mobile for the first time and grows into a massive, powerful giant whose only purpose is to march towards the Turbobuilder base to destroy the Turboranger once and for all. The Turboranger face him with every weapon they have, with not even Super Turbo Robo being enough to stop his march towards their base. Ultimately creating the Super Turbobuilder combination combining their mecha with the base, the Turboranger and Dr. Dazai fire the Super Turbobuilder Beam, appearing to destroy the demonic Boma leader once and for all while giving the Wandering Boma control of the tribes!


Tyrant Emperor Lagorn

However while Lagorn appeared to be dead, his body began reforming beneath the notice of all of his enemies within Boma Castle. He initially interferes during a scheme in Shikoku where a deceptive Boma Beast not trusted by Yamimaru or Kirika is suddenly grown after the Turboranger defeat it; then a second time to grow a Boma Beast sent by Zulten.Ep. 41: The Star Is Me!Ep. 43: The Sixth Soldier! It became even further intrusive when his power corrupted a scheme by Kirika involving a Boma Beast controlling people with Boma power, with him temporarily taking over a victim and using it to attack the Wandering Boma and Turboranger.Ep. 45: Super Magic Boy Ultimately, through the usage of the hatred and power of the Turboranger and Wandering Boma towards each other, in coordination with a trick by an illusion-creating Boma Beast, Lagorn was able to absorb both their power to become reborn into the gold-skinned and mobile Neo-Lagorn (ネオラゴーン Neo Ragōn), who immediately seals off both the Turboranger and Wandering Boma power as punishment.Ep. 46: Lagorn's Counterattack

After his revival amidst the Turboranger and Wandering Boma's crisis, Neo-Lagorn begins his final ultimate scheme: the unlocking of the "Great Seal", a secret sealed site where the "108 Boma Beast Pack" lie dormant, awaiting their return to destroy the Earth. Using Zulten to find Sealing Bōma, the powerful Boma Beast uses its abilities to unlock the Great Seal, which is ultimately revealed as beneath Turbobuilder, which had been located there due to the massive fairy power used to keep the seal suppressed. Once they realize that the destruction of Turbobuilder would lead to the destruction of the world, the Turboranger rush to Boma Castle to defeat Neo-Lagorn and prevent the Great Seal from being released. With the help of Yamimaru, who ends up expending a dangerous power in order to defeat his mortal enemy, the Turboranger defeat the Boma Leader, who once again becomes a giant to destroy Turbobuilder and to undo the Great Seal. With the power of Super Turbo Robo, the Turboranger finally stop Neo-Lagorn once and for all, likewise ultimately destroying Boma Castle so that it wouldn't plummet onto their base and defeat the purpose of the victory, in order to end the Boma threat.Ep. 49: Beautiful Kirika-Final Ep.: Graduation of Youth


Lagorn's (first form) concept art


In his initial form, Lagorn has six arms on his back supporter that stretch to punish his warriors in case of failure and a pair of tentacles on his shoulders that can shoot the enlarging tornado to enlarge his Boma Beasts or himself and can shoot fire, mist or lightning blasts from his mouth and fights with a sword, as demonstrated during his fight against Red Turbo. As Neo-Lagorn form he is armed with a staff and he can summon the monster-enlarging tornadoes shooting them from the hands, from the mouth or from the staff as well as changing his own size to giant. He has also hidden arms that pop out from the shoulders, as well a retractable blade in the forearm, a cannon hidden in his elbow and he is able to summon a snake that protrudes from the abdomen that emits electricity.


Concept art



Behind the Scenes


Neo Lagorn's concept art

  • Lagorn's main motifs are the ones of Buddhist Statues. In the immobile form his motifs are the ones of Acala and an Asura, while in the Neo-Lagorn form, his motif is the one of Kongorikishi.
  • Great Boma Emperor Lagorn's design was made by Tamotsu Shinohara. Shinohara, who received explanations about the size of a set that could be used, the character design was done in order to extend the full screen because it was interpreted as using the maximum space. The first design proposal for Giant Lagorn's design was a design with a snake-like lower body, that was modified to the human-type, as the molding was difficult, so the snake elements remained to the tail. Shinohara had designed the legs as theropod like Inugami Bōma, but it didn't lead to being implemented.


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