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"Stick, Stick, Stick. Gravity Ninja, Omokaru. I'll show you what my gravity stickers can do."
―Gravity Ninja Omo-Karu's first words[src]

Gravity Ninja Omo-Karu (重力忍者オモ・カル Jūryokunin Omokaru, 27) is a foot-masked cyclops Chunin,

Character History

Gravity Ninja Omo-Karu was sent to Earth to put Gravity Stickers on people, making him able to control them with his Space Ninpou "Free Gravity" and the stronger version "Gravity Chaos". He overpowered the Hurricangers until Youta's friend Taishu distracted Omokaru long enough for HurricaneRed to get out and uses his DryGun to cancel Omo's Ninpo and destroy the stickers. Omo was then blasted to bits by Victory Gadget, only to be revived as a giant and be killed again by Gourai Senpuujin.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Gravity Stickers

Behind the Scenes

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