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Grave Robber is the twenty-first & special Halloween episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


A Halloween board game leads the Rangers into Cosmo Royale’s trap where they must confront monsters they have already beaten.


After an old woman donates some of her things to the School after speaking to Principal Hastings about it, Calvin Maxwell takes the board game "Grave Robber" over to the rest of the team. The team starts talking about playing the game, but Levi declines by judging it by its cover.

The team then puts on their Halloween costumes before setting up the game, which has been hacked (or created) by Cosmo Royale as part of the Halloween special of Galaxy Warriors. In order to save their lives, the core team must face their old foes again and beat the hourglass that came with the board game as Cosmo Royale speaks through the board game's crystal ball.

Their first opponent is Trapsaw who attacks the Rangers with the Kudabots. Thanks to a strategy, Brody Romero used a special sneak attack to defeat Trapsaw and the Kudabots.

Their second opponent is Hacktrack as Brody chases after him in a ninja kite. With help from a special device, Sarah Thompson uses a frequency jammer to make Hacktrack self-destruct.

Their third opponent is Slogre who attacks the Rangers with the Kudabots. Slogre hits Sarah, Preston Tien, Calvin, and Hayley Foster with his slow mist. Before Brody can attack, Cosmo Royale ends the fight and tells them that they won a Misfortune Card which will make their next fight harder. Cosmo Royale reads that the next fight will be a solo fight.

As Calvin had rolled the dice, he'll be the one who faces off against Spinferno. When Calvin faces off against Spinferno in the junkyard, Spinferno uses a gold ring to hack into a truck driver's truck and attach another gold ring to Calvin to make it difficult for him to stop the runaway truck before it goes over the cliff. Calvin breaks free and saves the truck driver, but was unable to save himself as he is teleported away. Cosmo Royale then gives the Rangers another Misfortune Card that says they their next fight is on the Gigantify Ground as he unleashes a Skullgator and an evil surprise.

When they enter a Skullgator fight, Cosmo brainwashes the Robo Rider Zord as part of the evil surprise of the same Misfortune Card. While the Robo Red Zord fight the Robo Rider Zord, the others from the Astro Ninja Steel Megazord to destroy the Skullgator. The Robo Rider Zord then breaks apart the Astro Ninja Steel Megazord as the Robo Red Zord continues it's fight with the Robo Rider Zord. Cosmo Royale spices up the fight by unleashing another Skullgator. The Kodiak Zord and the Nitro Zord fight the Skullgator.

Meanwhile, Mick (dressed up as a pumpkin) finds Levi alone in the lobby playing his guitar where he hears how Levi doesn't want to do board games. After having a pep talk, Levi goes and rescues the Rangers. When Levi enters the room and touches the hourglass, he sees the Rangers in a losing fight. Upon touching the crystal ball, Levi shows up and starts to use his Ninja Star to take control of the Bull Rider Zord. Cosmo Royale shows up stating that him being here is cheating. Levi states that he isn't playing his game as he goes to the Bull Rider Zord. Cosmo Royale realizes that since Levi wasn't playing the game, he doesn't have to abide by the rules. Taking control of the Robo Rider Zord, Levi assists Brody into fighting the Skullgator. As Cosmo Royale gets angry at the tide-turning move, Levi forms the Bull Rider Megazord which destroys the Skullgator.

Cosmo Royale quotes that outside interference from the Gold Ranger is cheating and that their time is almost up. Levi reveals that he took the hourglass with him into the board game. The other Rangers then destroy the hourglass, freeing them from the game. Levi apologizes to the rest of the Rangers for what he said about playing board games. Brody states that they should avoid board games for awhile. As it is now dark out, they can go trick or treating.


Ninja Power Stars

  • Ninja Steel Red - Red Ninja (Steel Slash), Element (Forest Mode), Robo Red Zord, Ninja Master Mode (x2)
  • Ninja Steel Blue - Element (Fire Mode), Dragon Zord, Ninja Master Mode (x2), Astro Zord
  • Ninja Steel Yellow - Element (Forest Mode), Nitro Zord (x2), Ninja Master Mode (x2)
  • Ninja Steel White - White Ninja (Whip Lash), Kodiak Zord (x2), Ninja Master Mode (x2)
  • Ninja Steel Pink - Element (Forest Mode), Zoom Zord, Ninja Master Mode (x2)
  • Ninja Steel Gold - Bull Rider Zord, Ninja Master Mode


  • This episode was originally called "Tomb Raider", but was changed to "Grave Robber" for the US airing instead
    • This was presumably due to copyright claims from the companies behind the Tomb Raider movies and games.
  • Although this episode lacks a monster, the original Japanese episode where the Zord fights came from did not and featured Yokai Futakuchi-onna. She was originally created by Masakage Tsugomori to steal the Rodeomaru Shuriken so BisonKing would be useless to the Ninningers and they could finish off the mecha with it and the Gadashakuro. She accomplished this by brainwashing Takaharu Igasaki with her glasses but was later destroyed by the counterpart to the Ninja Blaster Whiplash attack.
    • This monster was removed from this episode for two reasons. 1. She spent a lot of time around an unmorphed Takaharu and 2. Masakage had yet to be adapted.
      • This lack of usable monster footage is also why all of the fighting this episode takes place exclusively in a game with previously deleted footage being used to fill time.
  • The footage of the Rangers fighting Ripperat originally came from a simulation of the Ninningers fighting Youkai Kamaitachi that was previously unused due to its really short length, the footage of Hacktrack was presumably removed for time related reasons since they needed to fit in the Gold Ranger introduction, Slogre's footage was likely cut due to being too long and ending with unmorphed Ninningers, and the Spinferno footage was cut due to the very Japanese driver.
    • The fact that all of these fights were footage cut from previous episodes is why there is no actual times the monster are destroyed.
  • This is the only time the Blue Ranger wields the Ninja Master Blade which he uses to finish off the first Skullgator.
  • The Bull Rider Megazord fights solo for the first time.
  • Victor and Monty do not appear in this episode.
  • Due to the use of extra Sentai footage, this is the first appearance of an unmorphed human Japanese person that was in Sentai footage since Super Megaforce.
  • The Rangers use an alternate formation of the Astro Ninja Steel Megazord. Since the Robo Red Zord was fighting the brainwashed Robo Rider Zord, it was unavailable to form the right arm as it normally does. It instead uses the arm that comes from the Nitro Zord. This is the only time that it is ever used.
  • Galvanax and Madame Odius do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the second Halloween Special of the Neo Saban era that does not feature clips from past episodes. The first being Trickster Treat from Power Rangers Super Samurai.
  • Cosmo-Royale-Angry-Face-150x150.jpg
    This is the only episode that Cosmo Royale leaves the Galaxy Warriors Ship .


  • Cosmo Royale stated that Levi interfering with the game was okay since it did not count as cheating if he is not playing, but afterwards, claimed that the Rangers were cheating.
    • This could just him being angry over his defeat though.
  • Once again, Akihiro “Yuji” Noguchi was incorrectly credited as the “2nd Unit Director 2nd Unit Director.”
  • The steering wheel of the bus was on the right side which is due to Sentai footage, since in Japan they drive on the other side of the road from the United States.
    • However, it can be said that since the inside of the crystal ball was likely a pocket dimension, there were no definitive laws on this.
  • During the second Megazord fight with the Skullgator, the sun was setting, despite the entire Megazord fight being filmed in the daytime instead of in the evening.
  • When Hayley says "Cal and I will help Brody" the zipper on the back of Sarah's suit can be seen.
  • When speaking to the Rangers, Cosmo's voice echoes as if he is on the Warrior Dome stage.
  • Despite Mrs. Bell being shown in the credits being portrayal by Lori Dungey, she does not even appear in this episode.
    • Either this an error, or there was a deleted scene in this episode.

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