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Grandma Matchmaker is the thirteenth episode in Power Rangers In Space.


Ashley's grandmother visits Angel Grove intent on seeing Ashley engaged before she leaves. Luckily, Carlos helps Ashley out by pretending to be her boyfriend to help avoid the matchmaking. Unfortunately, Astronema sends down Mamamite and Termitus to cause trouble.


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  • Ashley's surname "Hammond" is stated here on-screen with her grandmother being known as "Mrs. Hammond" meaning she is from Ashley's fathers side of the family.
  • The battle against Mamamite is slightly different from it's Sentai counterpart. As the Silver Ranger was not introduced yet, unlike his sentai counterpart, Ashley was included in the battle unlike her counterpart who was not. The scenes of the Quadro Blaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode were also added in for this battle in the PR adaption as well.
  • Because of the use of a long Sentai sequence involving the Yellow Ranger on the side of the police car, they had to use the car from Japan. This causes issues since Japan drives on the other side of the road from the United States. They had to mirror-flip the footage so Ashley's Grandmother would be driving on the correct seat and side of the road (this is noticeable right after she runs down Termitus, when the camera zooms in on the license plate). It is also clear to see the Japanese Police markings on the car, as well as the color scheme that is famous with the white and black paint scheme.
  • This is the first time in PRIS that a monster is beaten without exploding. Termitus is frozen with a new blast from Astro Delta Megazord, and then hit with a Flying Power Punch to explode into ice shards.
  • First appearance of Ashley's Battle Blade.


  • On more than one occasion Mrs. Hammond's voice doesn't match her lip movements.
  • In some shots of the stolen police car the license plate was backwards and there was Japanese writing on the side.


  • Best of the Best of the Best (instrumental)

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