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Grandeo (29-30) is a living dark planet in the form of a giant asteroid composed of a large mass of Minus Energy that was brought by Grand Witch Grandiene from the depths of space in a plot to be able to crash it against the earth and then absorb it and recover her complete form.

To hide any knowledge on the part of GoGoFive about the arrival of the asteroid, Grandiene orders her son Dragon Dark King Salamandes to inhibit the communication network and keep Grandeo's existence a secret. Salamandes then orders his Psyma Beast Papetongu to attack the Astronomy Institute to control and manipulate the staff with their vines and inform GoGoFive that no asteroid had been seen. However, Sayuri Iwakura, an astronomer and friend of Nagare Tatsumi (GoBlue) who had been the first to discover the asteroid, gets away from the place with the information about Grandeo stored on a CD. Despite Salamandes efforts to destroy the disk and kills Sayuri, Grandeo's information reached GoGoFive.

With the knowledge of Grandeo and what will happen if it hits the earth, GoGoFive attempted to use Max Victory Robo to destroy the asteroid with Max Nova by using the sunlight to continually resupply the mecha with solar energy for the attack, but Salamandes using the power of the Dark King Star created a dark energy field around the mecha to cut off its solar energy and prevent it from destroying the asteroid. Professor Tatsumi then uses his new creations the Mars Machines, a quintet of five spacecraft for the GoGoFive to travel into space and destroy the asteroid.

Once inside the space, the GoGoFive in the Mars Machine deploys from the GoLiner to form Beetle Mars, which lands on the asteroid and begins to place explosives to destroy it. However, before they could take off before the explosion, Grandeo comes alive and seizes the Beetle Mars with GoGoFive inside. To escape, the GoGoFive transform Beetle Mars into Victory Mars , who plunges its Jet Lance into the ground and detonates the explosives, destroying Grandeo and escaping at the same time from the explosion.

The loss of Grandeo would cause Salamandes to begin losing favor with Grandiene.



  • His name is a pun on ''Grand'' and ''God''.
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