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Grand Marshal Deathmark (デスマルク大元帥 Desumaruku Daigensui, 15-50), also known as Desmark, is the pharaoh-like commander brought back to life by Führer Taboo. Appearing in episodes 15-50, he is served by his handmaidens, Bella and Beth.


He was one of Taboo's most trusted aides, on his debut, he effectively replaced General Deathgiller as Taboo's second in command. In the same time, he put Dr. Zazoriya and Dr. Iguana to death for numerous times of failures, marking the time that Deathdark becomes more serious and less humorous.

Deathmark usually stays in the Deathtopia, devising the plans to terrorize humanity for Taboo. After the death of Deathgiller, however, Deathmark took on the battlefield and shows that he's as much as a fighter as he is a tactician, wielding a demonic sword that sent the Goggle V into crushing defeat. However, he met his demise when the Goggle V changed their tactic by ramming the Goggle Golden Spear to him, killing him.

In terms of powers he was able to create holograms of himself, manipulate lightning, and he was equipped with a sword that could spawn cyclones, emit explosive lightning bolts, and could create fissures in a technique called Black Thunder.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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  • Deathmark's design is similar to Ambassador Hell from the original Kamen Rider series from 1971.



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