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The Grand Gizmo (グランギズモ Guran Gizumo) is a flying fortress utilized by the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire; though it can fly to any location, it usually rests within an active volcano.Ep. 4: The Rumbling Fossil-Human It is shaped like a large creature with an open gaping mouth and a huge tail; the mouth is where the Gizmosquitos are launched for combat. Within the court of the Jashinka Empire meet, as well as a lab where General Kar conducts his experiments for creating Evolution Beasts out of Life Soup.

After the fall of many major Jashinka nobles, including Kar, General Zenobia and even Emperor Aton, the young emperors Megiddo and Chimera use the Grand Gizmo as part of a final attack to defeat the Dynaman, using the ship to attack them while sending out Gizmosquitoes in hopes of finishing them off. However the Dynaman use DynaRobo's Lightning Gravity Fall to slice the ship, making it malfunction and causing it ultimately to explode, destroying the final remains of the empire.Final Ep.: The Fight That Flew Through Tomorrow

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