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"The rebirth of the Shadow Line is at hand."
―Grand Duke Hei's first words when arriving with a squad of Combatant Kuros.[src]

"You people... Are you the ToQgers?!"
―Hei upon recognising the ToQgers.[src]

"You all are the ToQgers I take it? To be defeated by children... the Emperor of Darkness failed to live up to his title. I am Archduke Hei. And I am the new ruler of the Shadow Line! The ToQgers the Emperor failed to defeat... I shall destroy them!"
―Hei's reaction to the younger team of ToQgers.[src]

"You...! Have you gone mad?!"
―Hei after Tank Top Shadow turned on him and defended Akira.[src]

"What are you fools doing?!"
―Hei reacting to ToQ-DaiOh.[src]

"In time, you people will lose your imaginations... I can wait until then!"
―Hei after his Kuliner was destroyed.[src]

"They keep crawling out of the woodwork! We'll deal with you all, then!"
―Grand Duke Hei's reaction to all 12 ToQgers at once.[src]

"That way...This way?! Which way...?! Which is it?!"
―Grand Duke Hei's final words before his death.[src]

Grand Duke Hei (ヘイ大公 Hei Daikō) is the main villain of Ressha Sentai ToQger Returns: Super ToQ 7gou of Dreams armed with the Archduke Sabre (大公系サーベル Taikō-kei Sāberu).


Grand Duke Hei happened to be the true leader and most powerful member of the Evil Army Shadow Line who emerged ten years after the defeat of Emperor of Darkness Z. Sometime before they came to Earth, he was thrown out of the Shadow Line leadership for unknown reasons although one could assume that it was because he is much too ambitious. His ultimate goal was to make the past and present ToQgers lose faith in their imaginations, destroying the simple concept of hope and and thus allow Hei to consume the world in eternal darkness.

Hei was first seen arriving in his own personal Kuliner and confronting the original ToQgers with a group of Combatant Kuros. However, they could not transform since they had long since given up their powers and so had to fight as humans, Right going first but was blasted down. When the other ToQgers went to help Right, he recognized them and sent in his Kuros but they escaped through a black hole in the street. This sent them back to the past but Hei didn't know that at that point where they met up with their past child aged selves. Later however, as the younger ToQgers met at a railway station, he came back in time in his Kuliner and recognized them whilst also insulting Z for being defeated by children. He then introduced himself to them but they mistook his name because his name sounds like poop at which point he swore to defeat them and 1-Up Z. However, they had borrowed their future selves' Reesha and turned into child aged ToQgers who easily defeated the Kuros just for Right to celebrate and for Hei to shove him down. The rest then tried to take him on but Hei easily overwhelmed all five of them with his bare hands. He even threw Right over his head whilst screaming about being called "dookie" but the future ToQgers showed up and he was very surprised when Red Reesha arrived which allowed all eleven ToQgers to return to the future.

Later, back in the future, he confronted Tank Top Shadow who he thought defected but shrugged it off quickly as he started to corrupt Zaram who he had captured sometime before. The following day, he and Tank Top Shadow confronted all eleven ToQgers and was unafraid of some unimaginative teenagers before he resurrected General Schwarz, Baron Nero, Madame Noir, and Marchioness Morc as his shadow puppets and thought it a fitting fate since they were the ones who banished him from the Shadow Line before. The adult ToQgers then stepped forward but they were powerless so he didn't care but they soon focused and re-discovered thier imagination which enabled them to change. He sent the Shadow Line leadership and Tank Top Shadow into battle but but the leadership was easily destroyed. He then leapt into battle with his Archduke Saber, managing to overwhelm all of them so Right tried to take him on alone but Hei held him off until Tank Top Shadow stepped in again and they both defeated Right with ease. He then cryptically referred to using his "greatest warrior" against them before he teleported himself and Tank Top Shadow away.

Later on, when the child ToQgers found the warehouse he was based out of, Grand Duke Hei confronted them with Tank Top Shadow and introduced the corrupted Zaram to them and revealed that he was the afore-mentioned "greatest warrior" before fully corrupting him into a mindless beast. However, once Tank Top Shadow accidentally de-corrupted him, Hei tried to bisect Akira only for Tank Top Shadow to take the hit for him which enraged Hei and prompted him to relentlessly impale the Shadow Monster with his Archduke Saber. He then asked if Zaram really wasn't going to join him but Akira corrected him on his name before turning into ToQ 6gou before the entire team went on the attack. Hei tried to hold them off but were just too many and a blast from both Right's ToQ Blaster and Akira's Yudo Breaker took him down. They then put their Blasters in sniper mode and combined that finisher with the Yudo Breaker's own energy blast to apparently kill Hei. However, he survived without a scratch and summoned his Kuliner which he then transformed into a Kuliner Robo. However, Wagon arrived in the Reesha with the adult ToQgers formed ToQ-DaiOh. The Kuliner Robo fired energy beams when it crossed its sword but ToQ-DaiOh was unfazed and overwhelmed it with its Shovel Crusher. They then destroyed his Kuliner with the Imagination Express attack but Hei was able to teleport away before it was destroyed.

Back in 2025, Grand Duke Hei led a massive army of Kuros in an invasion of the future to take over and consume the world in darkness. It was then revealed that Conductor gotten his own set of powers and was the mysterious 7gou and teamed up with the eleven other ToQgers to fight Hei so he sent his Kuros into battle. However, after the very last of the Kuros were destroyed by the Rail Slasher, all twelve leapt in and confronted Hei which forced him to fight. Although he put up a decent fight, there were far too many Toqgers and both Kaguras disarmed him with their ToQ Blasters blade mode before both Mios hit him with thier Shingou Hammer and both Conductor and Akira smacked him back. With Hei stunned, the ToQgers regrouped and the elder ToQgers formed the Coupling Bazooka whilst their younger selves formed the Daikaiten Cannon. Hei was horrified and didn't know who to attack which allowed the ToQgers to fire the Rainbow Rush and the Hyper Five Connection Crash. All Grand Duke Hei could do was scream in agony as the finishers slammed into him and ripped him apart which put an end to the Shadow Line once and for all.

Super Sentai Battle Base

Grand Duke Hei is among the vast pantheon of villains which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.


Grand Duke Hei is a psychopathic but ambitious leader who only shows respect to those with power. However, if that powerful individual demonstrates themselves to be incompetent, he will desire to overthrow them and take that position for himself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Expert Swordsman: Grand Duke Hei was able to fight off four adult ToQgers with ease and hold his own against Right until Tank Top Shadow got involved. Later on, he even held his own against all twelve ToQgers at once although he didn't stand much of a chance for long.
  • Teleportation: Grand Duke Hei could teleport to any location at will with a swirl of his cloak which throws up a massive cloud of purple smoke behind which he would vanish.
  • Energy Blasts: Grand Duke Hei could fire blue energy blasts from his right hand strong enough to take down Right with one hit.
  • Corruption Wave: Grand Duke Hei could fire a massive blue-purple cloud from his left hand that he used to corrupt Zaram.
    • Resurrection: Grand Duke Hei can also fire a concentrated stream of this energy to resurrect fellow members of the Shadow Line.
  • Kuliner Summoning: After surviving the sidearm finisher, Grand Duke Hei wordlessly summoned his Kuliner into battle.


  • Strength: Grand Duke Hei took down young Right with two punches, throw the younger version of Right over his head. Additionally, he was strong enough to impale Tank Top Shadow with one hand and single slashes from the Archduke Saber knocked down ToQgers.
  • Durability: Grand Duke Hei survived the Yudo Breaker and ToQ Blaster Sniper Mode finishers without getting a scratch.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Grand Duke Hei was able to fight and overwhelm all five ToQgers with his bare hands and with minimal effort.


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  • Archduke Saber: Grand Duke Hei was equipped with a long silver sword to use in combat.
  • Archduke Kuliner: Grand Duke Hei used a special Kuliner to travel through time and transport himself around.

Behind the Scenes



His costume is a recolor of Count Nair.

Concept Art


  • His name is the Mandarin word for "black" ( Hēi).


  • Grand Duke Hei's final words are directly lifted from ToQger's theme song.



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