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"Ruin your business? Sounds good to me!"
―Gourmet Pyromaniac Vincent's first words
"You shouldn't freeze noodles or me!"
―Gourmet Pyromaniac Vincent's first words being enlarged
Gourmet Pyromaniac Vincent (美食放火魔・ビンセント Bishoku Hōkama Binsento) is a food critic from the Londer Prison.

Character History

A food critic who went insane and was sentenced for 180 years, though he was released by Gien. Vincent is armed with a trident and was able to shoot fire from his mouth, he attacked people whose cooking he found horrible, also burning their eating establishments to the ground. When he burned down the noodle shop run by Sugara, Domon took it personally. Using the noodles he gave him, named Tak, believed to be from the future, Domon uses it to beat Vincent in a bet. Though losing, Vincent refused to be frozen willingly and enlarged. Though he took advantage of civilian hostages, TimeRobo Beta managed to knock him out of the way before TimeRobo Alpha brought him into custody.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Trident: Vincent wields a fork-like trident for combat.
  • Pyrokinesis: Vincent can shoot fire from his mouth.
  • Human Disguise: Vincent has the ability to disguise as a human.


Behind the Scenes


concept art


Vincent is voiced by the late Don Kantaro.


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