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Gou Koyuki is a singer friend of Tatsuya Midorikawa and the writer and singer of the mysterious song Ginga Honey.

Character History

Koyuki one day discovered a mysterious ancient disc dating from three-thousand years in the Earth's past, unknowing that the disc was left on Earth by Princess Denzi, the ancient leader of the planet Denzi who had escaped from the Vader Clan's destruction of her world. Discovering a tune within the disc, he wrote words for the song and used it to create a monster disco hit known as "Ginga Honey", which captured Japan by storm, giving off a good mood to anyone who hears it from Earth. However due to the Vader invasion of Earth at the time he created the song, Queen Hedrian becomes pained by the playing of the song, her ears causing a massive migraine in her head due to the power the song has on her. When she begins to attack all concerts and radio stations playing "Ginga Honey", Koyuki is forced to turn over the disc to the Denziman in order for them to protect Princess Denzi's legacy and not cause any more trouble with the problem he unexpectedly created from his song.


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Behind the Scenes

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