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A list of merchandise for the 34th Super Sentai series Tensou Sentai Goseiger.[1][2]

Sales and Reception

Year Show 4th Quarter 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter Year-end Total
2009 Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 2.6 2.7 3.0 2.7 11.0
2010 Tensou Sentai Goseiger 2.1 3.3 2.1 1.0 8.5
2011 Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 2.8 3.6 3.9 2.9 13.2

Earnings shown in billions of yen (¥).

Roleplay Items

TSG roleplayset.jpg

  • Gosei Power Invocation Device Tensouder & Gosei Card Buckle Set (ゴセイパワー解放器 テンソウダー&ゴセイカードバックルセット Gosei Pawā Kaihōki Tensoudā & Gosei Kādo Bakkuru Setto)
    • Includes a special GoseiRed card along with the cards that come with the individual items.
    • Gosei Power Invocation Device Tensouder (ゴセイパワー解放器 テンソウダー Gosei Pawā Kaihōki Tensoudā)
      • Included Gosei Cards: Gosei Dragon, Gosei Great, GoseiRed, Skick Sword, and Twistornado.
    • Gosei Card Buckle (ゴセイカードバックル Gosei Kādo Bakkuru)
      • Included Gosei Cards: Shark Header, Seaick Bowgun, and Gosei Tiger.

TSG goseiblaster.jpg

  • Gosei Header Series: Gosei Blaster (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ ゴセイブラスター Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Gosei Burasutā)
    • Included Headers: Dragon and Shark Headers.
    • Included Gosei Card: Dragon Header.

TSG skickbuster.jpg

  • Skick Buster Set (スカイバスターセット Sukai Basutā Setto)
    • Included Gosei Cards: 2 Gosei Dynamic Cards (Red & Pink).

TSG landseabuster.jpg

  • Land-Sea Buster Set (ランドシーバスターセット Rando Shī Basutā Setto)
    • Included Gosei Cards: 3 Gosei Dynamic Cards (Black, Yellow, and Blue).

TSG goseimic.jpg

  • Gosei Header Series: Gosei Mic (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ ゴセイマイク Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Gosei Maiku)
    • Included Header: King Voice Header.
    • Included Gosei Card: Sky Dynamic.

TSG leoncellular.jpg

  • Knight Power Invocation Device Leon Cellular (ナイトパワー解放器 レオンセルラー Naito Pawā Kaihōki Reon Serurā)
    • Included Gosei Cards: Vulcan Header, Ground Header, and Gosei Ground.

TSG leonlaser.jpg

  • Gosei Header Series: Leon Laser (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ レオンレイザー Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Reon Reizā)
    • Included Header: Vulcan Header.
    • Included Gosei Card: Knight Dynamic.

TSG tensword.jpg

  • Gosei Header Series: Gosei Tensword (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ ゴセイテンソード Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Gosei Tensōdo)
    • Included Header: Miracle Dragon Header.
    • Included Gosei Card: Miracle Gosei Power.

DX Mecha

TSG DXgreat.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Tensou Combination DX Gosei Great (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ 天装合体 DXゴセイグレート Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Tensō Gattai Derakkusu Gosei Gurēto)

  • Included Headers: Dragon Header, Phoenix Header, Snake Header, Tiger Header, and Shark Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Victory Charge (Gosei Great).

TSG DXdatas.jpg

Gosei Header Series: DX Datas Hyper (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ DXデータスハイパー Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Derakkusu Dētasu Haipā)

  • Included Header: Hyper Change Header.
  • Included Gosei Cards: Hyper Change Header and Hyper Gosei Great.

TSG DXground.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Tensou Combination DX Gosei Ground (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ 天装合体 DXゴセイグランド Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Tensō Gattai Derakkusu Gosei Gurando)

  • Included Headers: Gosei Knight, Sealion Header, and Skylion Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Victory Charge (Gosei Ground).

TSG DXultimate.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Tensou Combination DX Gosei Ultimate (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ 天装合体 DXゴセイアルティメット Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Tensō Gattai Derakkusu Gosei Aurutimetto)

  • Included Headers: Miracle Dragon Header, Miracle Phoenix Header, Miracle Snake Header, Miracle Tiger Header, and Miracle Shark Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Ultimate Charge.

Header Sets

TSG seaickset.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Seaick Brothers Set (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ シーイックブラザーセット Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Shīikku Burazā Setto)

  • Included Headers: Hammer Shark Header, Saw Shark header, and Manta Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Seaick Brother.

TSG landickset.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Landick Brothers Set (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ ランディックブラザーセット Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Randikku Burazā Setto)

  • Included Headers: Tyranno Header, Kuwaga Header, and Sai Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Landick Brother.

TSG skickset.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Skick Brothers Set (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ スカイックブラザーセット Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Sukaikku Burazā Setto)

  • Included Headers: Ptera Header, Taka header, and Crow Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Skick Brother.

TSG DXmystic.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Mystic Brothers Set (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ ミスティックブラザーセット Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Misutikku Burazā Setto)

  • Included Header: Mystic Brother.
  • Included Gosei Card: Mystic Brother.

TSG DXwonder.jpg

Gosei Header Series: Gosei Wonder (ゴセイヘッダーシリーズ ゴセイワンダー Gosei Heddā Shirīzu Gosei Wandā)

  • Included Headers: Gosei Bird, Kabuto Header, Elephant Header, Dolphin Header, and Crocodile Header.
  • Included Gosei Card: Gosei Wonder.

Action Figures

Sound Warriors

TSG soundsenshi.jpg

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Sound Warriors (天装戦隊ゴセイジャー サウンド戦士 Tensō Sentai Goseijā Saundo Senshi) are figures manufactured by Plex that measure approximately 16 centimeters tall. There is a button on the back that activates sword slashing sounds when pressed. Figures of GoseiRed, GoseiBlue, and Super GoseiRed were produced for Goseiger. Plex also began using a different body mold, giving the figures hip joints that were more angled to the sides rather than the straight forward and backward leg movement of previous Sound Warrior figures.

S.H. Figuarts


Main article: S.H. Figuarts

In 2013, Tamashii Nations produced Gosei Knight for Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line. He is the only Goseiger character to be included in the line. The figure includes six replacement right hands, four left hands, Leon Laser, Leon Laser Sword, Vulcan Headder, Dynamic Leon Laser, Leon Cellular (open), Cellular (closed), and five mini Gosei Cards.

Vinyl Figures

Sentai Hero Series

TSG SHvinyl.jpg
TSG glittersofubi.jpg

The Sentai Hero Series (戦隊ヒーローシリーズ Sentai Hīrō Shirīzu) is a toyline manufactured by Bandai. Each figure stands about 17 centimeters tall.

  • February 2010
    • 01 GoseiRed
    • 02 GoseiPink
    • 03 GoseBlack
    • 04 GoseiYellow
    • 05 GoseiBlue
  • June 2010
    • 06 GoseiKnight
  • August 2010
    • 07 Super GoseiRed
    • 08 Super GoseiBlack
    • 09 Super GoseiBlue
  • Limited edition
    • GoseiRed Angel's Advent Version (ゴセイレッド 天使降臨ver. Gosei Reddo Tenshi Kōrin) is a glitter-injected version of the GoseiRed figure. It was available to those who attended the premiere of Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie.

Softvi Hero

TSG goseisofubi.jpg

Softvi Hero (ソフビヒーロー Sofubi Hīrō) is a candy toyline manufactured by Bandai. They are smaller vinyl figures with fewer paint applications, measuring about 11 centimeters tall.

  1. GoseiRed
  2. GoseiPink
  3. GoseiBlack
  4. GoseiYellow
  5. GoseiBlue



HDM (Hyper Detail Molding) is a line of highly detailed, non-posable mini vinyl figures. Each figure is packaged separately.

  1. GoseiRed
  2. GoseiPink
  3. GoseiBlack
  4. GoseiYellow
  5. GoseiBlue

Large Vinyls

TSG DXsofubi.jpg

DX Soft Vinyl Figures (DXソフビフィギュア Derakkusu Sofubi Figyua) are large vinyl figures manufactured by Banpresto. They are usually available as prizes in arcades. The Goseiger figures measure about 25 centimeters tall.

  • Wave 1
    • GoseiRed
    • GoseiPink
    • GoseiBlue
  • Wave 2
    • GoseiRed
    • GoseiBlack
    • GoseiYellow
  • Wave 3
    • GoseiRed w/ Gosei Blaster
    • GoseiBlack w/ Gosei Blaster
    • GoseiBlue w/ Gosei Blaster
  • Wave 4
    • GoseiRed w/ Tensouder
    • GoseiKnight

TSG DX-SD-goseired.jpg

DX Deformed Soft Vinyl Figures (DXデフォルメソフビフィギュア Derakkusu Deforume Sofubi Figyua) were another set of figures manufactures by Banpresto and available as arcade prizes. They are figures in the super-deformed style with oversized heads and measure about 16 centimeters tall.

  • Wave 1
    • GoseiRed
    • GoseiBlue
  • Wave 2
    • GoseiRed w/ weapon
    • GoseiBlack
  • Wave 3
    • GoseiRed w/ weapon
    • GoseiBlack w/ weapon
    • GoseiBlue w/ weapon

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla

TSG MP-GGr.jpg

  • Minipla Tensou Combination Gosei Great (ミニプラ 天装合体ゴセイグレート Minipura Tensō Gattai Gosei Gurēto)
    1. Gosei Dragon
    2. Gosei Shark & Gosei Phoenix
    3. Gosei Snake
    4. Gosei Tiger & wing parts


  • Minipla Tenso Combination Datas Hyper (ミニプラ 天装合体データスハイパー Minipura Tensō Gattai Dētasu Haipā)
    1. Data Hyper A
    2. Data Hyper B
    3. Seaick Brothers
    4. Landick Brothers
    5. Skick Brothers

TSG MP-GGround.jpg

  • Minipla Tensou Combination Gosei Ground (ミニプラ 天装合体ゴセイグランド Minipura Tensō Gattai Gosei Gurando)
    1. Gosei Groundion A
    2. Gosei Groundion B
    3. Gosei Skyon
    4. Gosei Sealeon


  • Minipla Tensou Combination Wonder Gosei Great (ミニプラ 天装合体ワンダーゴセイグレート Minipura Tensō Gattai Wandā Gosei Gurēto)
    1. Gosei Wonder A
    2. Gosei Wonder B & wing parts
    3. Mystic Brother
    4. Gosei Dragon
    5. Gosei Shark & Gosei Phoenix
    6. Gosei Snake
    7. Gosei Tiger & wing parts


  • Minipla Tensou Combination Gosei Ultimate (ミニプラ 天装合体ゴセイアルティメット Minipura Tensō Gattai Gosei Arutimetto)
    1. Gosei Ultimate A
    2. Gosei Ultimate B
    3. Miracle Gosei Header Set

TSG miniplaset.jpg

  • Minipla Tensou Combination Goseiger "Advent of 3 Great Robots Set" (ミニプラ 天装合体ゴセイジャー 「三大ロボ降臨編」 Minipura Tensō Gattai Goseijā "San Dai Robo Kōrin Hen")
    1. Gosei Dragon
    2. Gosei Shark & Gosei Phoenix
    3. Gosei Snake
    4. Gosei Tiger & wing parts
    5. Data Hyper A
    6. Data Hyper B
    7. Gosei Groundion A
    8. Gosei Groundion B
    9. Gosei Skyon
    10. Gosei Sealeon

Roleplay Items

TSG tensouCT.jpg

  • Goseiger Tensou! (ゴセイジャー天装! Goseijā Tensō!)
    1. Tensouder
    2. Gosei Blaster
    3. Fighting Action GoseiRed

TSG CTbuster.jpg

  • Gosei Buster (ゴセイバスター Gosei Basutā)
    1. Skick Sword
    2. Skick Shot & Landick Claw
    3. Landick Axe
    4. Seaick Bowgun

TSG CTheaders.jpg

  • Goseiger Sound Gosei Headers (ゴセイジャー サウンドゴセイヘッダー Goseijā Saundo Gosei Heddā)
    1. Dragon Header
    2. Phoenix Header
    3. Snake Header
    4. Tiger Header
    5. Shark Header
    6. Dragon Header (Exotic Brothers version)

TSG hyperitems.jpg

  • Goseiger Hyper Items (ゴセイジャー ハイパーアイテム Goseijā Haipā Aitemuzu)
    1. Light-up Tensouder
    2. GoseiBlaster
    3. Goseiger Card Buckle

TSG waterguns.jpg

  • Goseiger Water Gun (ゴセイジャーウォーターガン Goseijā Wōtā Gan)
    1. GoseiBlaster w/ Dragon Header
    2. GoseiBlaster w/ Shark Header
    3. Leon Laser

TSG goseiweapons.jpg

  • Goseiger Weapons (ゴセイジャーウェポンズ Goseijā Weponzu)
    1. Leon Cellular
    2. Leon Laser & Vulcan Header
    3. Gosei Mic

TSG CTheaders2.jpg

  • Goseiger Sound Gosei Headers EX (ゴセイジャー サウンドゴセイヘッダーEX Goseijā Saundo Gosei Heddā EX)
    1. Groundion Header
    2. Skyon Header
    3. Sealeon Header
    4. Vulcan Header
    5. Dragon Header (GoseiBlaster version)


  • Super Goseiger Items (スーパーゴセイジャーアイテムズ Sūpā Goseijā Aitemuzu)
    1. Gosei Tensword
    2. Tensouder
    3. Fighting Action Super GoseiRed

Figures & Keychains

TSG goseimachines.jpg

  • Gosei Machines (ゴセイマシン Gosei Mashin)
    1. Gosei Dragon
    2. Gosei Phoenix
    3. Gosei Snake
    4. Gosei Tiger
    5. Gosei Shark

TSG keychains.jpg

  • Goseiger Mascot Keychains (ゴセイジャーマスコットキーチェーン Goseijā Masukotto Kīchēn)
    1. GoseiRed
    2. GoseiPink
    3. GoseiBlack
    4. GoseiYellow
    5. GoseiBlue
    6. GoseiGreat

TSG GMneo.jpg

  • Gosei Machines NEO (ゴセイマシンNEO Gosei Mashin NEO)
    1. Gosei Groundion
    2. Gosei Skyon
    3. Gosei Sealeon

TSG goseidash.jpg

  • Goseiger Gyro On Dash! (ゴセイジャー ジャイロオンダッシュ! Goseijā Jairo On Dasshu!)
    1. GoseiDragon & GoseiRed
    2. GoseiShark & GoseiBlue
    3. Gosei Groundion & GoseiKnight


Capsule Gosei Headders

Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
  • Dragon Headder
  • Shark Headder
  • Phoenix Headder
  • Tiger Headder
  • Snake Headder
  • Dragon Headder (Exotic Brother Ver)
  • Manta Headder
  • Kuwaga Headder
  • Taka Headder
  • King Voice Headder
  • Hyper Change Headder
  • Groundion Header
  • Miracle Dragon Headder
  • Miracle Snake Headder
  • Miracle Shark Headder
  • EX Bird Headder

Real Change! Goseiger

Wave 1 Wave 2
  • Tensouder
  • Gosei Blaster w/ Dragon Headder
  • Gosei Blaster w/ Shark Headder
  • Gosei Card Buckle
  • Gosei Emblem
  • Leon Cellular
  • Leon Laser + Leon Cellular + Vulcan Headder
  • Tensouder
  • Gosei Card Buckle
  • Gosei Blaster w/ Sawshark Headder
  • Gosei Blaster w/ Hammershark Headder & Manta Headder

Goseiger Straps

Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
TSG GPstraps1.jpg
  • GoseiRed
  • GoseiPink
  • GoseiBlack
  • GoseiYellow
  • GoseiBlue
  • Gosei Great
TSG GPstraps2.jpg
  • GoseiRed
  • Dragon Headder
  • Exotic Gosei Great
  • Datas Hyper
  • Hyper Gosei Great
  • Gosei Knight
TSG GPstraps3.jpg
  • Super GoseiRed
  • Super GoseiPink
  • Super GoseiBlack
  • Super GoseiYellow
  • Super GoseiBlue
  • Gosei Ultimate


Soft Rubber Nametags Flash Heroes
TSG GPnametags.jpg
  • GoseiRed A
  • GoseiBlack
  • GoseiYellow & GoseiPink
  • GoseiBlue
  • GoseiRed B
  • Gosei Great
TSG GPflash.jpg
  • Super GoseiRed
  • Super GoseiPink
  • Super GoseiBlack
  • Super GoseiYellow
  • Super GoseiBlue

Petite Action! Goseiger

Wave 1

Petite Action! Goseiger (ぱちっとアクション!ゴセイジャー Pachitto Akushon! Goseijā) Five action figures. Released in March 2010.

  • GoseiRed
  • GoseiPink
  • GoseiBlack
  • GoseiYellow
  • GoseiBlue

Capsule Combination! Gosei Great

Wave 1
  • GoseiDragon
  • GoseiSnake
  • GoseiTiger + Sawshark Headder
  • GoseiShark + Hammershark Headder
  • GoseiPhoenix + Manta Headder
TSG GPgoseigreat.jpg

Shine! Goseiger

Wave 1
  • Gosei Tensword
  • Tensouder
  • Leon Laser & Leon Cellular & Vulcan Header
  • Gosei Blaster A (with LED gimmick & Dragon Headder)
  • Gosei Blaster B (with Phoenix, Snake, Tiger, & Shark Headders)
TSG GPshine.jpg


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