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Gosei Wonder (ゴセイワンダー Gosei Wandā) is a blue jet-like Gosei Machine that is featured in Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie. It has five Headders, and can separate into five Gosei Machines. Each then combine to become Wonder Gosei Great.


Epic on the Movie

The Goseiger's couldn't form Gosei Great because the Dragon Headder was damaged by Gyōten'ō during his fight with Alata. Rasil hoped for a miracle and this created the Gosei Wonder card that the Goseiger's used to summon Gosei Wonder. Tensou Sentai Goseiger: Epic on the Movie

Fight with Metal Alice

It's second and final use came when Metal Alice blew up a bridge connecting the rails on a high-speed train that Nozomu's mother was allegedly on and he prayed that a miracle would happen. His faith in the Goseigers and his love for his mother produced a miracle that allowed the Goseiger's to summon Gosei Wonder again. The Headder's formed a new bridge and GoseiKnight in his Headder form formed an electric current that allowed the train to pass by. Wonder Gosei Great and Gosei Ground both were then able to stop an enlarged Alice. Epic 38: Alice vs. Gosei Knight

Gosei Headers/Machines

Gosei Bird

Gosei Bird (ゴセイバード Gosei Bādo) is an eagle-themed Gosei Machine that resembles Gosei Dragon that comprises the body of Gosei Wonder, and then the upper body and head of Wonder Gosei Great as well as the Gosei Bird Axe.

Kabuto Headder

Kabuto Headder (カブトヘッダー Kabuto Heddā): After combining with a fighter aircraft (F-15 Eagle) body, the Kabuto Headder transforms into Gosei Kabuto (ゴセイカブト Gosei Kabuto) and can form Wonder Gosei Great's left arm.

Crocodile Headder

Crocodile Headder (クロコダイルヘッダー Kurokodairu Heddā): After combining with a Shinkansen (700 Series Shinkansen) body, the Crocodile Headder becomes Gosei Crocodile (ゴセイクロコダイル Gosei Kurokodairu). It forms the waist, right leg, and upper left leg of Gosei Great.

Elephant Headder

Elephant Headder (エレファントヘッダー Erefanto Heddā): After combining with a bulldozer body, the Elephant Headder turns into Gosei Elephant (ゴセイエレファント Gosei Erefanto) and forms the lower left leg of Wonder Gosei Great.

Dolphin Headder

Dolphin Headder (ドルフィンヘッダー Dorufin Heddā): After combining with a submarine body, the Dolphin Headder becomes Gosei Dolphin (ゴセイドルフィン Gosei Dorufin) and forms Wonder Gosei Great's right arm.

Tensou Gattai Wonder Gosei Great

Tensou Combination Wonder Gosei Great (天装合体ワンダーゴセイグレート Tensō Gattai Wandā Gosei Gurēto) is the combination of four Gosei Machines with the Kabuto, Dolphin, Elephant, and Crocodile Headders and Gosei Bird. It wields the Gosei Bird Ax (ゴセイバードアックス Gosei Bādo Akkusu) as its weapon, fashioned out of Gosei Bird's tail. Wonder Gosei Great's final attack is the Wonderful Strike (ワンダフルストライク Wandafuru Sutoraiku) launching the Bird Headder at the target with the Gosei Bird Ax in its beak, spinning rapidly on its side as it does so.


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