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The Gosei Ultimate Command Ship is a giant machine that focuses the powers of five golden versions of the Megaforce Rangers' Zords: the Ultra Zords, through the power of the Wild Sword.


The rangers use their Ultra Zords to summon the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship (the top of the Command Center) inserting in the Gosei Ultra Sword the Gosei Ultimate card. The Ultra Zords grow and lock in the spaceship, forming a face similar to Gosei. In this form, it is able to fire blasts. To morph into its Megazord form, Gosei calls out "Command Ship, transform!", forming the Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Appearances: Megaforce Episodes 14-16, Super Megaforce Episode 17

Gosei Ultimate Megazord

Gosei Ultimate Megazord is the strongest Megazord the Mega Rangers are able to use with their Ultra Power.

It is armed with the Double Swords. It can execute the Double Swords Spin Attack, that consists of the Megazord spinning rapidly with the swords horizontally positioned to impact its opponent, and the Ultimate Laser Cannon, consisting of quick-launch target-shooting.

The Gosei Ultimate Megazord possesses the ability to execute a much more powerful version of the Victory Charge called the Ultimate Charge where the petals on its chest open outward and launch the Ultra Zords at the opponent.

Appearances: Megaforce Episodes 14-16, Super Megaforce Episode 17


Gosei Ultimate Megazord toy

Bandai America's toy version of the Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

  • Unlike the original Gosei Ultimate, the Gosei Ultimate Megazord is portrayed as the Megaforce Rangers' base converted. This is the third time this is happened, following the Astro Megaship and Delta Command Megazord.
  • Although in the show the Ultimate Gosei Great Megazord was not featured, the combination was featured in the box of the toy and its commercial.

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