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Gosei Ultimate (ゴセイアルティメット Gosei Arutimetto) is a giant machine that focuses the powers of the five Miracle Gosei Headders, created out of the cornerstone of the second Heaven's Tower. The Goseigers will announced: "Gosei Ultimate! Advent!"


Its flying Machine Mode (マシンモード, Mashin Mōdo) is able to transform into a giant robot armed with the twin Ultimate Swords (アルティメットソード, Arutimetto Sōdo) and five energy canons hidden behind the Miracle Gosei Headers mounted on its chest. Gosei Ultimate's final attack is the Ultimate Strike (アルティメッストライク, Arutimetto Sutoraiku), wherein the petals on its chest open outward and launch the Miracle Gosei Headders at the enemy.

Appearances: Episodes 32-37, 39, 41, 42, 44, 48-50 & 199 Hero Great Battle.


It was first introduced in Epic 32. When the Goseigers were trapped in the Hellrai Box's collapsing alternate dimension, Master Head sent Gosei Ultimate to break inside and rescue the Goseigers, destroying the Box in the process but also undoing all of the progress on the Tower. It is also called the Flower of the Tree of Hope, reflected in the flower petal motif on its chest.

Gosei Ultimate was later destroyed by the attacking Zangyack forces during the Great Legend War.

Tensou Henkei Gosei Ultimate

Appearances: Goseiger Episodes

Ultimate Gosei Great

After combining with Gosei Ultimate, Gosei Great becomes Ultimate Gosei Great (アルティメットゴセイグレート, Arutimetto Gosei Gurēto), latching to the bottom of Gosei Ultimate to use it as a jet pack to increase its flying speed while using its Ultimate Swords, and the Goseigers will yell out: "Ultimate Gosei Great! Advent!".

However, standing on the back of Gosei Ultimate and combining the Ultimate Swords into a bow, Gosei Great can execute the Ultimate Great Strike (アルティメットグレートストライク, Arutimetto Gurēto Sutoraiku), firing an arrow that multiplies while hitting its target.

Appearances: Goseiger Episodes

Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

Gosei Ultimate as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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