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"Gosei Grand Megazord, ready!"
―Robo Knight announcing the complete transformation[src]

Gosei Grand Megazord is the combination of Robo Knight and his Mechazords.


Robo Knight's Mechazords

Robo Knight summons the Knight Brothers, with its Power Card, whereas he becomes the Lion Mechazord.

With his Robo Morpher, Robo Knight used the "Gosei Ground" card to combine with the Knight Brothers in his Lion Mechazord form, forming the Gosei Grand Megazord.

It's able to fire missiles and fire the Skylion Mechazord head like to execute the Skylion Kick. Gosei Grand Megazord's final attack is the Grand Strike, that involves shooting 6 missiles from the Lion Mechazord tires at the enemy target as the Megazord itself jumps up and flies after the missiles and performs a headbutt on the enemy.

Appearances: Megaforce Episodes 9, 10, 12-15, 17, 21


The Gosei Grand Megazord is first formed in the episode Prince Takes Knight. Robo Knight defeated Psychotick, and is prepared to battle him alone. He summons the cards for the Knight Brothers Zords, and he puts it in his morpher, and summons the zords. He, as the Lion Mechazord, combines with the Sealion, and Skylion Mechazords, to form the Gosei Grand Megazord, he then defeats Psychotick.

Zords and Mechazords

Lion Mechazord

Lion Mechazord

Main article: Robo Knight
"Change Card, Activate! Lion Mechazord, Activate!"
―Robo Knight's transformation to Lion Mechazord[src]

The Lion Mechazord is formed by combining the Lion Zord with a dump truck. It can combine with the Knight Brothers Zords.

Knight Brothers Zords

"Knight Brothers, Activate!"
―Robo Knight summoning the Knight Brothers Zords[src]

Sealion Mechazord

  • Sealion Mechazord - A sea lion-type Zord. It fully forms by combining with a cruiser as a body. The Sealion Mechazord forms the left leg of the Megazord.

Sealion Zord

Skylion Mechazord

Skylion Zord

  • Skylion Mechazord - A flying lion-type Zord. It fully forms by combining with a airship as a body. The Skylion Mechazord forms the right leg of the Megazord.

Gosei Great Grand Megazord

"Gosei Great Grand Megazord Activate! Gosei Great Grand Megazord Ready!"
―Mega Rangers and Robo Knight[src]

With the Ground Gosei Great card, the Gosei Grand Megazord can combine with the Gosei Great Megazord to become Gosei Great Grand Megazord.

The Megazord's spear weapon is compatible with any Zord component heads: with the Beetle Zord it can execute the Land Lance Attack, which consists of lengthening the spear up to its opponent; with the Manta Zord it can perform the Sea Spike Attack, which consists of creating a giant wave that weakens the opponent; and with the Hawk Zord it can execute the Sky Spear Attack, which consists of creating sound waves that crash into the enemy.

The Gosei Great Grand Megazord's final attack is the Dual Strike, using the Beetle Zord to cause an eruption from a large fault in the ground that consumes the target and explodes, taking them with it.

Appearances: Megaforce Episodes 10, 13


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