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"Next. Number 146."
―Gorrox’s first words when calling Hayley to the stage.[src]

"The name's Gorrox! Pleased to beat you!"
―Gorrox introducing himself to the Ninja Steel Rangers before engaging them in battle.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What's the plan Brax?"
―Gorrox to Brax upon being gigantified.[src]

"NO! OHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh...!"
―Gorrox's final words before his death.[src]


Gorrox was a Pirate/Bull-themed Galaxy Warriors Contestant in the second season of Galaxy Warriors and the main antagonist of the episode "Doom Signal."


Gorrox is sent by Madame Odius to use his human form to disguise himself as a famous TV producer. He views auditions to be on Odius’ new TV show, after a young female teenager takes the stage the White Ranger preforms the scene from Romeo and Juliet and after that Victor Vincent and Monty preform the scene from a doctor movie, for which they field the task in a rather humorous way. Despite this, the TV manager was highly impressed with them and deemed Victor and Monty the winners, much to the Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, White and Gold Rangers surprise. After taking them outside he then reveals his real form as well as revile that the two men are actually Basherbots, after sending them to Galvanax's ship the Rangers appear and after discussing the plan on what happen to Victory and Monty the Rangers morph and then Gorrox battles the Ninja Steel Rangers. He overpowers them with ease, so the Red Ranger transforms into Lion Fire Red and easily overpowers Gorrox. He was then defeated by the Lion Fire Flame Strike Final Attack. However, he survives and gets back up when Brax arrives,

The two of them are gigantified and the Rangers summon the Zords and form the Ninja Steel Megazord and the Ninja Blaze Megazord, while Brax takes on the Ninja Blaze Megazord. Gorrox takes on the Ninja Steel Megazord, and they both easily overpower the Ninja Blaze and Ninja Steel Megazords. However, Brody then summons the Lion Fire Zord and he, Sarah and Levi form the Ninja Ultrazord. They then fire the Ninja Ultrazord Blast Final Attack which finally destroys Gorrox although Brax is able to dodge it.


In spite of this lucky maneuver, Brax soon follows him in his destruction at the hands of the Ninja Blaze Ultrazord's Ninja Blaze Firestorm Final Attack. Despite his destruction, Brax and Gorrox's attack allows Odius to take control of Summer Cove which leads into her endgame.


Gorrox was, like Brax, a very rough and tough who was also very good in battle. However, he was very overconfident which ultimately lead to his demise.

Powers and Abilities


  • Human Form: Gorrox had the ability to take on a human appearance.


  • Strength: Gorrox was able to stab Calvin with his horns hard enough to knock him into a wall and a single kick sent Preston flying as well as, when giant, batting the Ninja Steel Megazord into the Ninja Blaze Ultrazord with one swing.
    • Horn Ram-Gorrox was able to ram his enemies with enough force to send Preston flying with one hit.
  • Durability: Gorrox could take multiple strikes to his torso from Lion Fire Red's Star Blade and only be knocked back. Even the Lion Fire Flame Strike went through his torso, this had no effect and he survived despite detonating.
  • Skilled Fighter: In addition to his shear strength, Gorrox was also a skilled fighter. He easily overwhelmed the Rangers while he was small sized. During one of the interactions, he easily ducked Calvin's Star Blade. When he was giant, he easily overpowered the Ninja Steel Megazord.


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  • Kanabō: Gorrox wielded a kanabō-style club to aid him in combat and bash his enemies.
    • Lightning Empowerment: Gorrox could energize his kanabō with blue lightning to cause massive damage to his opponents. This was able to badly damage the Ninja Steel Megazord which it was used against.
  • Horns: Being bull-themed, Gorrox had horns on his head which he could ram his enemies with.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Gorrox was the only Galaxy Warrior contestant to be friends with a general.
  • Gorrox was one of only three monsters in Ninja Steel that lacked a projectile/ranged-type attacks, with the other two being Trapsaw and Megamauler.


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