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""East Heaven! South Heaven! West Heaven! North Heaven! Gorma Four Deva Kings!""
―The Gorma Four Deva Priest's first words when introducing themselves to the five Dairangers (minus Hyde) in thier exclusionary dimension.[src]
""Shen Gatai!""
―The Deva Kings' call (meaning "Four Deva Fusion") whenever they fuse into thier combined battle form.[src]
―Combined Four Deva King upon enlarging himself.[src]
""The Four Deva Kings have been defeated!""
―Combined Four Deva Kings upon being struck by Kiba DaiOh's Flying Sword - Smash to Atoms attack and it's final words before thier supposed demise.[src]
―Combined Four Deva Kings advancing on the Super Chi-Power Bazooka wielding Dairangers and demanding they attack it and the quartet's final words (aside from laughter) before thier deaths.[src]

The Gorma Four Deva Kings (ゴーマ四天王 Gōma Shitennō, 20, 28-31): They are the most favored of the Gorma Emperor's minions; Touhouten (東方天 Tōhōten, East Heaven), Hoppouten (北方天 Hoppōten, North Heaven), Saihouten (西方天 Saihōten, West Heaven), and Nanpouten (南方天 Nanpōten, South Heaven); wearing the attire of Buddhist Priests and being masters of displacement. They attempted to use their illusions to trap the Dairangers with key figures (Kujaku, Demon-Fist Master Jin Matoba, The Three Gorma Stooges, and Akomaru) individually. Their teamwork skills were their greatest power, as they could merge into one deadly four-headed entity called Combined Four Deva Kings (合体四天王 Gattai Shitennō). They survived the attack of Kibadaioh twice, even knocking it back toknock it and RyuseiOh down on one occasion, but were overpowered by Daimugen and were soon the first to be killed by the Heavy Armor Chi Palace and it's Great Death Crush.



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Combined Four Deva Kings Original Concept

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Behind the Scenes

  • Despite debuting in the 20th episode, they have no lines and are only in the background for Shadam's conversation with the Gorma Emperor.
  • The costume of their fused form was recycled in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, where a Youkai looking like it can be seen at various times, in the background. Said yokai is never named on-screen.
  • The costumes of their separate forms were reused from episode 38 of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.
  • They are similar to the Crime Big Four from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai vs. Gorenger, who were also a group of four villains who combined into one monster, Big Four Robo.


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