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Goriwashigin (ゴリワシギン Goriwashigin) (33) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes of the eagle-like Washigin (ワシギン, Washigin) and the gorilla-like Gorillagin (ゴリラギン, Goriragin)

Character History

Goriwashigin is a Combined Galactic Warrior created out of desperation by Captain Garoa after he discovers that Meadow has only given him one final chance to prove his worth as Zone's commander lest he be replaced by Chevalier. However due to his attempt to make a Combined Galactic Beast without the assistance of Doldora, the creature ultimately becomes fused back-to-back instead of completely fused together, thus keeping both of their competitive minds but still granting them tremendous power. Despite their trouble working together, the two fused Galactic Warriors prove to be formidable due to the massive wind power they create from spinning trying to figure out who was going to fight. Fiveman has a hard time figuring out how to deal with it until Gaku gets an idea from some old toys Arthur was ready to throw out to use Menko cards as a means to defeat the monster. Playing with Menko cards which can only be flipped by another card and not by Goriwashigin's wind, he slowly convinces both fused monsters to compete with each other on who is better at flipping cards, distracting it to the point that Garoa decides to call in Gorlin #28 with a pack of huge Menko cards to merely flatten Fiveman with the cards dropped. After trying to face Goriwashigin in a giant Menko battle with FiveRobo, the monster gives up and just decides to attack, allowing Fiveman to create Super FiveRobo and defeat the giant easily with Super Vector Punch, likewise sealing Garoa's fate.



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  • Its main ability is its gorilla-like strength and its ability to control wind from its eagle attribute; this allows for it to create a massive, tornado-like wind when it spins that blows anything and everything around it that gets caught within. After Gaku gets it obsessed in playing menko cards, it likewise utilizes them in combat, including a move used after Gorlin absorption where it throws out Menko card debris while spinning.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Interestingly, The concept of an eagle & gorilla sharing the same body would later be used again in the form of a Sentai Warrior 26 years later.


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