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Gorillacanth (ゴリラカンス Gorirakansu, 3) is a Mecha Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Monster and Zyuoh


Gorilla Canth's main weapon is its brute strength, powerful enough to match and surpass Bio Robo in battle; it likewise has twin axes that reside on its shoulders it can detach for combat and a cannon on each shoulder.


Gorilla Canth is Doctor Man's most powerful Mecha-Gigan, sent out believing that stopping Bio Robo was the key element in defeating Bioman. During an initial showdown, the team and the Mecha-Gigan appeared even in combat until a wrench left by Shingo Takasugi in the main mechanics deck of Bio Robo destroys a circuit board, forcing Green2 to use his own power to keep Bio Robo running long enough to escape. With a member down, Shirou Gou goes back to Bio Base to retrieve another circuit board while the others take care of their teammate; only for Red1 to face opposition from Monster and Zyuoh in the process. After the rest of the team help him deal with the opponent, the team returns to Bio Robo and fix the circuit board. Once repaired, they face the strength of Gorilla Canth before creating an opening with Super Maser to slash its middle before finishing it off with Super Maser Concentration.



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