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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
"The Prince Prince Vekar used me!?"

Gorgax is a fish-like field commander sent by The Armada to deal with the Super Mega Rangers. He is electrokinetic and has a collar that generates a force field at his will.

Character History

Gorgax was a last-minute addition to an XBorg assault Prince Vekar plotted on Earth. When multiple platoons of XBorgs were wiped out by an unknown assailant, Vekar finally decided to add a commander to its roster, previously believing that any commanders added would be a waste. Gorgax gives the Rangers a hard time, brandishing a bomb and using his forcefield to drag out the battle. However, Jake, as the Green Galaxy Ranger, was able to accidentally damage his collar, which dropped his forcefield. Gorgax was forced to retreat.

Upon Gorgax's return to the Armada mothership, he was berated by Vekar for having run away. Visibly frustrated, he storms out and angers Vekar. Argus notes that he was not showing attitude but was irritated with himself. Damaras threatens to kill Gorgax, but Vekar decides to give him a secret "upgrade".

Gorgax returns to Earth with what seems to be a reinforced collar. The Rangers plot to get around him to be able to hit its back section. However, Orion arrives to stop them, noticing that it's a bomb as well. Orion  forks it away from Gorgax and allows it to explode several feet above. Gorgax was shocked at what Vekar had done to him, but Orion  was unforgiving and destroyed him with his Final Strike.

Modus and Arsenal

Gorgax was tasked to carry a bomb that would destroy the Rangers. He was equipped with a metal collar that allowed him to generate a forcefield that was impervious to attacks. The collar had a weak spot, however, in the form of a plus-sign-shaped button at the back. Vekar had Levira later reinforce this with a device, but it was rigged to blow up on contact as well, making Gorgax an unwitting suicide bomber.


  • Height - 197cm (Giant Form - 49.3m)
  • Weight - 148kg (Giant Form - 370.0t)


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