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"What? The prince used me?"
―Gorgax's final words before his death.[src]

Gorgax was a shrimp-themed Field Commander who served as the main antagonist of the first part of the two-part episode "Silver Lining."


Gorgax is a last-minute addition to an XBorg assault Prince Vekar plots on Earth as some muscle after many previous footsoldier attacks led to utter decimation. Gorgax gives the Rangers a hard time, brandishing a bomb and using his forcefield to drag out the battle. However, Jake, as the Green Galaxy Ranger, is able to accidentally damage his collar which drops his forcefield and Gorgax is forced to retreat due to being fully exposed and extremely weak.

Upon Gorgax's return to the Armada mothership, Gorgax is berated by Vekar for having run away. Visibly frustrated, he storms out and angers Vekar. Argus notes that he is not showing attitude but is irritated with himself. Damaras threatens to kill Gorgax but Vekar decides to give him a secret "upgrade". Gorgax returns to Earth with what seems to be a reinforced collar. The Rangers plot to get around him to be able to hit its back section. However, Orion arrives to stop them, noticing that it's a bomb as well. Orion forks it away from Gorgax and allows it to explode several feet above. Gorgax is shocked at what Vekar did to him but Orion was unforgiving and destroyed him with his Final Strike. Said attack impales and rips through Gorgax who back-flips and explodes.

Gorgax is not enlarged by the Maximizer due to Levira being busy helping Vekar recover since he fainted hard after his bomb plot failed.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Lightning Blast-Gorgax was able to fire blue lightning blasts from his hands strong enough to take down all five Super Mega Rangers with one blast.
  • Shield Activation-Gorgax was able to activate the shield on his collar at will.


  • Durability-Even without his shield, Gorgax took multiple energy slashes from the Super Silver Spear without getting a scratch.


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  • Fists-Gorgax had no weapons of any kind by default but was a skilled hand to hand combatant.
  • Collar-Gorgax's signature weapon was a massive white collar which projected a massive clear forcefield capable of making even the Super Mega Sabers completely useless.
  • Dynamite Bomb-Gorgax initially came to Earth with a big dynamite bomb to try and blow up the Super Mega Rangers but it destroyed some X-Borgs instead.

Behind the Scenes


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