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The Gordom Engine is a devices created by Arch Priest Gajah. They can be used to power up monsters or to power machines like mecha. Gajah based the designs off of information he memorized from Leon Giordana's manuscript originally used to create the Parallel Engine the Boukenger used to power themselves and their GoGo Vehicles. After creating them, he initially uses his first Gordom Engines to empower the fallen Ashu Tribe members Furious Demon God Gai and Grand Beast Rei, with their power transforming both into the "Questers", which he hoped to control before they rebelled against him immediately.

Gordom Engines create wavelengths that interfere with the Boukenger's Parallel Engine-empowered suits and vehicles. Because of this, BoukenSilver became the only one who could initially fight the Questers due to being empowered by the Neo-Parallel Engine which could withstand the power the Gordom Engine emitted. In order to ultimately deal with the increased power, all GoGo Vehicles (and the Boukenger empowered by them) were upgraded to Neo-Parallel Engines accordingly after witnessing BoukenSilver's success.

Gajah would later use a Gordom Engine to enhance the Egg of Lemuria to transform the Lemurian Mythical Beast into the Modified Mythical Beast Gordorum.

In the finale, Gajah would install several Gordom Englines into himself to increase his power and allow him to absorb Precious. After absorbing Pandora's Box and using it to create his most powerful monster, Desperado, Gajah used the power of the engines to absorb the Heart of Gordom, prompting his final transformation.

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