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Good Will Hunter is the twenty-first episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


A young boy gets a hold of the Personal Alien Manager, and unwittingly unleashes havoc on the city by tinkering with it.


Kapri and Marah are in trouble for selling the Personal Alien Manager on the internet. Things also don't go well when they give Lothor a new PAM only to find out it's an MAP (Make a Puppy) where the newly created puppy chases Choobo. A kid Hunter has been volunteering to spend time with ends up being the one who bought the PAM. After fooling around with the PAM, hundreds of Kelzaks appear. The Rangers morph and fight them. Just as the Rangers were losing to the Kelzaks, they just disappear. More fooling around, and a monster called DJ Drummond appears. The Rangers battle him, but he too disappears. Marah and Kapri break into the kid's room and steal the PAM back. They make DJ Drummond appear again and attack the Rangers. The Thunder Rangers destroy him with the Thunder Blaster. Lothor accidentally makes Choobo grow back to normal size with the PAM and then he successfully makes DJ Drummond grow. The Thunder Rangers destroy him with the Thunder Megazord and a new Power Sphere. The Rangers celebrate winning a contest with a video compilation of their sports skills. Back in the Lairship, Kapri and Marah are left to clean up after the puppy as punishment for selling the PAM. Choobo meanwhile tries to chase the puppy but slips on the the puppy's leavings causing the puppy to stick his tongue out at him.




  • At the beginning of the episode, Blake turns the sign to 'Closed', but when Shane comes in, the sign is turned to 'Open'.
  • When the Wind Rangers form the Storm Megazord, they call it the 'Super Mini-Zord' instead.
  • After DJ Drummond is defeated, the Thunder Megazord’s chest piece is both lifted and slightly crooked.

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