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"I am the Goo Fish! You are no match for me!"
―The Goo Fish's introducing himself to Kimberly after knocking her down.[src]

"Ya ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Goo Fish's laugh.[src]

"Your attempts are futile. You can’t stop me!"
―The Goo Fish when confronted by all five Power Rangers.[src]

"No! No! You cheated!"
―The Goo Fish reacting to the Megazord and its Power Sword as well as his final words before his destruction.[src]

Goo Fish is a toxic fish monster, created by Finster, and served Rita. He served as the main antagonist of the episode "Something Fishy".


Goo Fish was created by Finster and Rita sent him to Earth to exploit Billy's phobia of fishes. Goo Fish could shoot out hazardous and sticky goo from his mouth that could glue a person's feet to the ground. He appeared on the beach where Billy and Kimberly encountered him. They defeated the Putties only for the monster to emerge from the sea and knock down Kimberly. Before they could fight the monster, Rita cast a spell on Billy and powered up his fear of fishes to make his fear crippling and take him out of the fight. Goo Fish used a spear in battle and could destroy Power Bow arrows in the fight before overwhelming them. The other Rangers (who had been scuba diving) arrived and Jason blasted his spear out of his hand using his Blade Blaster, forcing the monster to retreat into the sea.

He later returned with an army of Putties with orders from Goldar to catch the Megazord in a trap and destroy it with his poison. After his Putties were disposed of, Goo Fish caught the Rangers in a trap and threw his toxic poison on them, making them unable to fight. Kimberly prepared to fight them but the others were knocked down with explosive trout and some explosive starfish took Kimberly down. Luckily, before Goo Fish could kill them, Billy overpowered his fear of fishes and defeated the monster by back-flipping over the monster. Goo Fish fired his poison at Billy but missed, causing the poison to fall onto his face. Billy then withdrew his Power Lance and jumped into the air, bounced off of a stone wall, and stabbed the monster down with a blow to the face at which point the Rangers regrouped to finish him off.

Before the Rangers could form the Power Blaster though, Rita enlarged the monster so the Rangers summoned the Megazord. Goo Fish fought the Megazord desperately but it easily smashed his spear by slamming down its fist. Though unarmed, the monster froze the Megazord with his venom and took down the Megazord. He was nearly victorious but the Rangers transformed the poison into energy which re-powered the robot and Goo Fish was stunned, allowing them to summon the Power Sword. The monster argued they were cheating but they energized it and he charged only to be cut down by an energy slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Something Fishy (Mighty Morphin)

Goo Fish was later resurrected by Lord Zedd as one of his best aquatic monsters, the others being Pirantishead, Slippery Shark, and Commander Crayfish with help from the Tube Monster. They fought the Rangers at the beach, stalemating until the Rangers had to use their Thunder Megazord to kill the Tube Monster and left Tommy to fight the sea monsters alone. However, in spite of being heavily outnumbered, he easily took them down with Saba, making all of the monsters disappear in flashes of white lightning. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Reel Fish Story

Goo Fish was also present four years later when the Machine Empire conquered the Phantom Ranger's home planet. It was likely he was destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


Goo Fish is a cunning, sneaky, and manipulative monster who was one of the most dangerous monsters of Rita's. He is very manipulative and unpredictable, as he used Billy's ichthyophobia in the battle but, just like many other monsters, was faithful to Rita and Zedd.

Power Level

Goo Fish is an extremely powerful monster. He nearly defeated the Rangers with his poison. Although he was eventually defeated.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Goo Fish possessed incredible strength, flipping Billy over his head and wrestling with the Megazord very easily.
  • Underwater Breathing: Goo Fish can also clearly breathe underwater since he was hiding in the sea until Kimberly and Billy defeated his Putties.
  • Poison Projection: Goo Fish can shoot purple toxic poison from his mouth which immobilizes his victims and does not allow them to move and even managed to trap the Megazord.
  • Red Energy Beam: Although only used whilst giant sized, Goo Fish could fire a large red energy beam from his single eye strong enough to take down the Megazord with one hit.


  • Spear: Goo Fish uses an enormous spear in battle which he is impressively skilled with it since he could strike down arrows from Kimberly's Power Bow.
  • Explosive Starfish: Goo Fish can generate red starfish to throw and latch onto his enemies and explode with enough force to take down three Rangers with one hit.
  • Explosive Trout: Goo Fish can generate trout which explode on contact.

Behind The Scenes


  • Goo Fish was voiced by the late Robert Axelrod, who previously voiced Lokar and later voiced Lord Zedd.
    • Goo Fish sounds and laughs exactly like Lord Zedd.


  • Goo Fish comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • Goo Fish is also the first Zyu2 monster to appear.