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"The ultimate savior beat me!"
―Final words before death[src]

Goneshi (ゴネーシ Gonēshi) is the Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rules the planet Vela.

Character History

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Attempting to turn key VII on planet Toki in the Tokei System, Hammie was engaged by an illusion of Goneshi, whom she destroyed with the Hamillion Impact. Space.25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination!


Goneshi is shown to be very greedy and manipulative, as he is willing to pretend to be a planet's Savior in order to have their caught fish as sacrifice despite being truly be used for his own meals. He is also smart enough to put his Morimers under the sea to be unnoticed.

Powers and Abilities

  • What's that? (ナニカシラ Nanikashira): Goneshi's head can produce the illusion of sea monster.


  • Liar Trident (オオボライデント Ooboraitento): Goneshi's primary weapon which can shoot energy blast.


  • Title: Daikaan of Vela
  • Born: Ness of Piscis Austrinus
  • Category: Water Alien
  • Inrō: Right torse
  • Favorites: Seafood and Barbecue
  • Aka: Fraudster of the Space

Behind the Scenes




concept art

  • He is the first Daikaan since Moretsuyoindaver to rule another planet instead of Earth.
  • His design motif is based on Loch Ness Monster., specifically the photo faked by Robert Kenneth Wilson. His design is also partially based on a scuba diver.



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