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Goldwinger is a moth monster who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "The Wild Wipeout". He has a mix of moth and regenerate themes.

Character History

This moth-like monster was summoned by Vexacus. He can use golden dust to can send people into other dimensions. When Tori attempted to ride a large wave to impress the two men, Goldwinger sent her to a dimension were the villains are the heroes, and the heroes are the villains. When the the Ninja Rangers came to battle him, he was surprised to learn that Tori had escaped that dimension. The Rangers battled him and had the upper hand until Goldwinger regenerated and became more brutal. The Green Samurai Ranger came to the rescue and use his Samurai Saber to take out the button on Goldwingers back to weaken him. The Rangers finally destroyed Goldwinger with the help of the Red Ranger's Battlizer.The Wild Wipeout

In the final part of the two-part series finale episode "Storm Before the Calm", he was released from the Abyss of Evil for the final battle. He was defeated once again.Storm Before the Calm


Goldwinger is a ruthless being that loves to send people to other dimensions, though he is very loyal to Vexacus.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Goldwinger was one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to best all five Ninja Storm Rangers in battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Goldwinger can leap at an incredible distance.
  • Gold Dust: Goldwinger can release dust made of gold from his wing-like hands to send people to other dimensions.
  • Regenerate: If any of his body parts are destroyed, he can grow them back lighting up a button on his back.
  • Lighting Blast: Goldwinger can release a wide spread of powerful orange colored lightning at his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • Goldwinger is one of the few monsters to not get enlarge.
  • His name is possibly a play of Auric Goldfinger, the main villain of James Bond movie of the same name.

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