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Goldroid Geronpa (ゴールドロイド ゲロンパ Gōrudoroido Geronpa): A gold-based giant that can spread gold dust to temporarily paralyze foes, destroyed alongside Solar by Kanzen GokaiOh.



concept art

  • Height - N/A
    • Giant form - 50.8m
  • Weight - N/A
    • Giant form - 380.0t


  • Goldroid Geronpa along with Sunroid solar are the first Giant Battle Pseudo-Lifeforms since Liquidroid Wateru that don't appear in a Tribute Episode.
  • Goldroid Geronpa is a remodel of Woodroid Moririn but with a new head instead of remodeling the old head.
  • None of the Giant Batlle-Pseudo-Lifeforms appeared on Power Rangers Super Megaforce because Sally was unadapted, due to Nickelodeon's 22 episode limit.

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